Womenspiring Wednesdays…

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The “Womenspiring Wednesdays” Blog! An initiative by BACK TO THE FRONT.

This blog is created to Applaud, Appreciate, Salute and Learn from Womenpower at its best. It consists of diaries of real women who due to real life situations had to confront “Career Break/ Career Switches/Pursue Existing Careers”….yet were determined and enthusiastic about “Defining themselves with their own Identity” and somehow managed to make things work!  The goal of this blog is to help women learn and grow together, where they lend support to and enrich each other by sharing their own unique journeys.

“Womenspiring Wednesdays” is about YOU….Your moments of achievement…Your stories of reinventing your career (Alternate Careers)…Your journey towards self development…success stories of comebacks…gaining expertise in work-life optimization.

So all the fabulous ladies out there….you are all invited to share your own stories, stories of women who’ve inspired you and much more …just reach out and ask anything you feel like from the group members. Lets together “Womenspire each other”.


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