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Sonali Awasthi: Owner at Spoil Me Silly – Jewellery & Accessories

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sonali1 Hi

I’m Sonali Awasthi and I’m the owner at Spoil Me Silly – Jewellery & Accessories.


Once in a way, I’m asked to about my story – My struggles, my sacrifices, the work-life balance, time  management etc… And I always get stuck right there!!– at the beginning!!

Struggle? Sacrifices? Balancing Acts? – Is that the only measure of what I’ve achieved? Is that the  essence of my being a woman entrepreneur/mompreneur? Against all odds?

Fun/Laughter/Tears/Creations/Family/Support/Positivity/Inspirations/Happiness – and loads of  hard work – That’s been my journey. And that’s what I will share with you today

I will start at the very beginning – My beginning – Not Spoil Me Silly’s – and hopefully I shall keep it brief. I’m a hotel management graduate from IHM, Mumbai and my first job was at Taj Mansingh for 1 ½ years in the Housekeeping department and boy!! Have I slogged?? The hard work and discipline goes way back then.

My second job with KLM/Northwest Airlines lasted for the next 8years and only reinforced the hard work and discipline. “The show must go on” –have breathed and lived the motto of the service industry. And I think that the discipline of my initial 10 years of work is what makes me stronger today.

I got married in 1998- continued to work with KLM, Had my son in 2002 – continued my work. In 2003, I took VRS from KLM and in 2004 – My daughter was born. So my quitting had nothing to do with either my getting married or having my children and that’s what makes them MY choices.

I decided to make the most of my sabbatical after working really hard for 10years.

So I partied hard, socialized, did some freelance work. I did not miss being at work and did not look out even once for a job. I was happy in my space. Again MY choice and no regrets.

And then, we moved to Manila in 2007 where the fun continued. I decided to make the most of free time and learnt how to do Professional make-up. I tied up with a lot of photographers and did some great photo shoots.

Come 2009- we were back in Mumbai. I decided not to pursue my career as a make-up artist as it is a very demanding job. Once again – that was a choice I made.

But now – I did feel restless. So one day, 3 months after being back- I went back to my basics.In Oct 2009, I launched Spoil Me Silly – Personalized Gourmet Cooking.

This brought fine dining into your homes and made gourmet food super accessible. Italian cooking and specialized bakes being my forte. This brought me customers from Bandra,Thane, Andheri and it was surely fulfilling. A year passed and we penetrated corporate boardrooms, CEO’s homes, some training sessions as well- And all this from my home kitchen

The great journey continued until Oct 2010, when I walked the bazaars with a friend helping her with her line of costume jewellery. And the idea for Spoil me Silly’s jewellery line was born.So, both the lines continued hand in hand until 2013.

Spoil Me Silly – Jewellery & Accessories – the journey

sonali2I started with a small collection of 25 handcrafted earrings which were grabbed within the 1st one week. This gave me a little more confidence and the collections started growing. We moved on to earrings/necklaces/jeweled and necklace scarves- Our forte. I did loads of exhibitions – some big, some really small. Had loads of fun and made some great friends along the way.

The big break came in Oct 2012 – when Inorbit Mall offered us a small exhibition place for 15days.I set-up the shop overnight. Our coffee tables, Our medicine cabinet, Our baskets, Our shoe cabinet and even my the key holder found themselves at the mall overnight and we opened within hours.

Now here’s where I feel is the BIGGEST learning from my story – DO IT NOW. Make it Happen. You’ll never get that chance again.

And I worked nonstop without a break from morning 10am to 10pm for 3 months as we kept getting renewals on the exhibition. No complaints from my home – my kids – my husband – only pride at what mommy was achieving. So of course there have been struggles and hard work and balancing acts but when you have a family that loves and respects you – you ALL make it happen – together!!  I promise you it doesn’t feel like a struggle.

Spoil me Silly – the 1st kiosk opened at Inorbit Mall, Malad in Feb 2013, the 2nd kiosk at Viviana mall, Thane in June 2013 and the 3rd kiosk at Inorbit Mall, Vashi in April 2014.

sonali3Today Spoil me Silly has its own studio that makes handcrafted jewellery, scarves and dupattas. We also support other women designers who supply to our stores under their own brands.

Self- Respect, Discipline, and Hard work and above all DO IT NOW!! – My mantras for LIFE!! Surround yourself with smiles and positive energy – and watch your WORLD change!! Yes, I do miss my cooking but am happier doing what I do now.

You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go, and see what happens.

Mandy Hale


One thought on “Sonali Awasthi: Owner at Spoil Me Silly – Jewellery & Accessories

  1. What a journey! It’s true sometimes you just have to go with the flow… 🙂

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