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Mamta Deval


An inspiring Journey …

ImageMamta Deval is the Founder and CEO of Image Carvers and a certified Image Consultant trained by the Image Consulting Business Institute (ICBI) under the curriculum of Judith Rasband’s Conselle Institute of Image Management (Utah, USA). Judith is a Certified Image Master (CIM) in the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), one of the first in the world. 

Mamta is the Secretary of the Mumbai Chapter of the Image Management Professionals’ Association (IMPA). A non-profit organization, IMPA is dedicated to educating, facilitating, integrating and regulating the profession of image consulting in the Indian Sub-Continent and Middle East. It is the only association of image consultants in the region. Through her role as the Mumbai Chapter Secretary of the IMPA and through her own firm, she is looking forward to supporting various social causes to improve the lives of those who are less fortunate.

 Her firm, Image Carvers has been started with the intention of guiding others to understand themselves better thereby helping them to carve out their true self. She works with clients (both individuals and non-individuals) and provides them workable solutions to discover their true self. This enables them to improve their lives; they become better as a result of the changes and are able to enjoy a holistic approach to life.If that’s what you want then connect with Mamta at Image Carvers… Discover yourself and…

“Bring out the best in you!”



“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will connect in your future” – Steve Jobs

There are many times in life that we wonder why something is happening, what its significance in our life could be and where it will take us. And somewhere in the future, when we look back on those events and experiences and re-live those moments, it all makes sense.

I am blessed to have taken birth in a traditional business family where sons and daughters were treated equally and education was considered important. Though many of the male members did not complete their graduation due to different reasons, I had the good fortune of completing my post-graduation (MBA). I have always been inclined towards studying and learning and believe that learning should continue as long as one is alive!

Eleanor Roosevelt rightly said “Learn from the mistakes of others, you cannot live long enough to make them all yourself.” Similarly, it is only by sharing our experiences that we can learn from one another and keep growing and evolving as better human beings.

Everything happens for a reason

In the 8th standard, I opted for Marathi as my third language instead of French as I used to get good marks and liked the language. I sometimes wonder if I had taken French instead could I have scored some more marks in my standard 10 Board examinations taking my overall percentage to 90?This of course was part of a bigger plan that the universe had for me as 7 years later, I married into a Maharashtrian family.

After my graduation, my best friend was offered a job which she could take up only after two months. I was able to convince my father to allow me to fill in for her. It was a big achievement as though women were educated in the family; none of them had ever taken up a job. After 2 months, I was given another project for an additional 4 months and was the first trainee to get a farewell when I left 6 months later. I got to learn a lot from the people there and made many friends.

The best outcome of this experience was that I found my life partner and we got married 2 years later.

Few months later, a friends’ father needed a trainee in his department and gave me the chance. The two seniors in our team encouraged me to take the MBA entrance exam. They brought focus into my life and made me realise that there is much more for me to accomplish. I took a crash course to prepare for the exam and a few months later, started the 2-year full time degree programme.

In the end, everything works out for the best

The 1st day of my 1st semester exam coincided with my wedding date and I had to miss 2 of my papers. Thankfully, I had the support of the Director and since it was an internal exam, there was no negative impact. I made a lot of wonderful friends during the 2 years in MBA School.My in-laws have always treated me as a daughter and their support over the years has been a constant blessing to me during my studies, work and bringing up the children.

8 years of experience in financial services with 5 ½ at my last job have helped me evolve as a confident individual with a structured way of working. My first few years were in sales and I always wanted to move to a service role. I had a difficult 1st pregnancy and on resuming after maternity leave, I was moved from front office to cash in the bank where I was working. At the time, I felt life was being unfair to me. However, I learned a lot from my colleagues in the cash department. One Saturday evening, as I managed the counter alone, a colleague came with a friend who was working with a wealth management company which had job openings in service!

I sent my resume and finally landed the service job that I always wanted.

My 2nd pregnancy was so different from the first. There was a lot of support from my colleagues and seniors. I enjoyed my work and had a good rapport with everyone. However, I realised that it would be difficult to continue in a full-time job as my older child would be starting primary school and I would need to devote more time and attention to her education. On 26th March 2012, I started a countdown with 400 days to 30th April 2013. I wanted to move out of this job by then and do something of my own. I always had a strong desire to teach and make a difference in the lives of others. Flexibility in working and a work-life balance were something that I looked forward to. I started the course at Image Consulting Business Institute (ICBI) in September 2012 and trained to become an Image Consultant. On 30th April 2013, I submitted my resignation to my manager.

My experiences in life have reinforced my belief that we create our destiny by our thoughts and actions. This belief led me to the decision of moving on from a job to becoming an Image Consultant. A career as an Image Consultant offers me the opportunity to achieve my goals, fulfil my dreams and a lot more.Though it is difficult, we must strive to think positively, look at the bright side of things and maintain an attitude of gratitude. We learned that from the movie “3 Idiots” where Rancho (Aamir Khan) says, “That day I understood that this heart scares easily. You have to trick it, however big the problem is. Tell your heart, ‘Pal, all is well. All is well.’ When he was asked, “Does that solve the problem?” He replied, “No, but you gain courage to face it.”

“I have many problems in my life. But, my lips don’t know that. They always Smile!” – Charlie Chaplin

I am ever grateful for all the people that came into my life. My parents and siblings, extended family (grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins), my husband and our family, all my friends, colleagues and every person who has had some impact on my life in helping me evolve to the person I am today.“Every person we meet will have a role in our lives, be it big or small. Some will hurt, betray and make us cry, to become stronger. Some will teach us lessons not to change us, but for us to realise our mistakes, and to help us grow, and make us a better person. And some would simply inspire us and love us to make us happy.” – Anonymous



3 thoughts on “Mamta Deval

  1. A good inspiring piece of writing, keep the spirit up

    Harish Nair

  2. I salute women power and totally agrees that life is a big canvass… Paint it beautifully and all the very best Mamta Deval for all your future dreams and stay happy

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