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Chetna Mehrotra


Someone with a great Smile,  A Lady with immense creativity, A woman with Class, a Never say Die attitude , Her mantra of Life is to “Keep Evolving”….This and much more describes Chetna Mehrotra and it is our pleasure to post the story of  a person who continues to be an Inspiration to the entire team of Back To The Front….

chetnaNamaste and Hello! Everyone.

I am Chetna, an Image Expression Artist, Drama Based Learning Facilitator, a Dance Drama Storyteller, and a proud mom of a 10 year old. I was born and raised in the beautiful valley of Dehradun.  Fresh air, cold mountains, genuine people and a community culture have been an intrinsic part of my growing up years.My parents always had a progressive mind-set. I could do a javelin throw, present the “thodas” and ‘aamad” of Kathak, perform at contests, run relays and lead my school as a council member. I didn’t live in “stereotypes”!

The stint at National School of Drama, New Delhi as a TIE student made me realize the power and faith in me, while I also explored the domain of “performance”!Hence training and coaching as a career, added a dimension to this love for “acting” and “discovery”. And I explored the love for colors, fashion (external) and spiritual guidance (internal), which comes from my mother. Combining these two spirits, I formed “Chetna Mehrotra Image Consultancy”.

Now, I work as a presenter, coach & a consultant, specializing in appearance, behavior, communications, and work with individuals, organizations & educational institutes.With a decade long full time corporate training experience, I realized the importance of how people are as important as your product. They project your image. Investing in them, their behavior, and their “image”, is an investment in the organisation’s “brand projection”.

I conduct workshops on Gender Vulnerability and Gender Inclusion at Workplace, Wardrobe Management, Professional Etiquette, Body Language & Emotions, Train The Trainer programs, Art of Public Speaking, Communication Effectiveness, Trust-Empathy, Exploring Image “inside-out”, Voice & Diction, etc.

As I progressed into forms and modules of learning and development, I evolved innovative approach towards in-classroom training at Corporations and Educational Institutes. I have introduced Storytelling-in- Dance Drama and Drama Based Learning facilitation in corporate training and school education, thereby making learning a “doing phase”, rather just a lecture platform.

I have always believed in my strength of “connecting” with people and my courage and encouragement towards “being an individual”. I adopt various methodologies to convey and conduct workshops, viz,Drama based Facilitation skills, Creative Movement, Storytelling-in-Movement,  Art Therapy. This makes a workshop engaging and more experiential.

Also, I strongly believe that an individual’s self-image (“inside”) has to be competent, confident and courageous. The “external image” is then just a matter of learning a skill!

“The walk on your own path is never sans obstacles”. I did encounter obstacles and they haven’t disappeared.

In an entrepreneurship, there are no Saturdays and Sundays. You have to constantly keep networking, strategize to build your firm, looks at fresh business, upgrade your skills etc. Though, it is energizing, yet at times muddling!

So, I do take constant breaks to “neutralize” myself. It could be going away for few days or giving myself the luxury of attending workshops or watching a play!  I love to dance, be a part of the drum circle events. These give me a high which is unmatched by any alcoholic spirits!! I also de-clutter through spiritual healing. And then I come back with a clean slate and fresh perspectives!       

For all those lovely women and working mothers…Please do not attempt at being a “perfectionist”. It is a myth. You are exhausting yourself too much and it gets translated to your kids and others around. Learn to let go, at times! Another one, always, always take some “me” time out. And then do not feel a sense of shame about it. You are still going to be a great mom, a wonderful wife, a wondrous professional!

I am currently exploring various methodologies like Theatre, Psychotherapy and Dance in Storytelling to help my audience/participants connect with their “inner” perceptions and reflections. Subjects of Gender Inclusion, Anti-Bullying Campaigns in Schools, Reviving Empathy, Compassion and Trust at workplaces interest me. They are emotions which ultimately lead to well-knit communities, and hence an emotionally-healthy nation. So, I would look at exploring these more and then coach trainers on these forms.

At the end, I would say, learn the trade, apply it, explore your failures, accept them and then recharge double! So not limit yourself! This is a career with immense opportunity to be imaginative and creative. Do not hold back that “idea’ there. Get it out and show up!

Keep re-inventing! People will re-invent, don’t apply all what you learnt five years ago. Add something new.





4 thoughts on “Chetna Mehrotra

  1. All the very best Chetna for your future endeavor …
    Very inspiring and agree that live a life queen size … And a bit at every stage..

  2. Thank you Sonia for acknowledging.

  3. I agree that we must learn to let go & spend some me time…
    You have had varied experiences which have helped you evlolve to where you are now… May you continue to grow & evolve!
    All the best! 🙂

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