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Payal Nakra

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A Journey of a Woman whose motto is ” When situations cant be changed, You become the change and work around those situations, but important is to keep going and moving on!”

Going back time….my life, my career

I followed my dream my passion at every step in life .

I have been an average performer in my academics yet an achiever at school and B School. My ability to achieve what I desired has been of immense strength to me. Let me share with you my journey so far….

My father, retired as a Major General from the Indian Army and we as a family have explored every part of scenic India for 26years. After graduation really did have a look at myself, as to where am I going from here, further study didn’t seem to be so exciting, the world of travel did excite me…and so I worked my way into a diploma in travel management. Worked with a renowned travel company fulfilled my desire to travel abroad as well as gain necessary knowledge in all departments of travel.

Somewhere down the lane got bored really with operations and aspired for more. My close friend inspired me into an MBA and so that became my next step to enhancing my scores in academics.

I met my life partner at a point where 9 to 5 wasn’t exciting too much ! That s around 14years from now that I took the sabbatical from work, to really balance my new life with my husband. The journey with 2kids, 12yr adorable daughter and 8yr musketeer son so far has been good and will be.

Well I did my job well….

Along the path my desire to be working 9 to 5 kept haunting me, but the way gods will had it, every time I had an opportunity in hand some event in life would hold me. Those were crucial moments for both of us as a couple, my first pregnancy at thirty being a lil tender followed by move to another country.

Somewhere I started to gasp time for myself, from then till today its been a beautiful journey, from finding time for waxing to running my own business today.

Today I sincerely follow my heart when it comes to creating professional cakes for all occasions to being a Franchisee with Big Bazaar Direct. The emergence of ‘Cake Talk’ as I call my company is a single handed, run on a small scale, operating from home enterprise. Word of mouth has been my strength. You can reach me for cakes for all occasions@ 900407839,if close to juhu, can organize deliveries as well.

The franchise model I took up very recently in jan 2014. With the help of family have been doing road shows and events at corporates on e-retail marketing, it’s an e-retail entity, based entirely on your daily requirements.An entrepreneur to practicing budhishism, give me a balance of life finally.

I emerge an entrepreneur with flexibility of time and creativity. My strength is my family who are also my best critics.






One thought on “Payal Nakra

  1. It’s great when we get the opportunity to take a break for our children & come back with renewed enthusiasm & passion… May your cakes be the most appreciated & talked about… And may you succeed in your effort… 🙂

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