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Suman Dash

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Suman Dash –  Vastradi Jewellery

I was born into a family with very liberal views and parents who always asked me to follow my dreams. Even as a kid I was encouraged to follow my instincts and advised not to follow the beaten path. I was always involved in sports and was good in studies as well. After completing Engineering in the year 2005, I got a job one of the leading software company and pursued the same for 5 years. Marriage and the birth of a Beautiful daughter followed in the year 2010, that is when I decided to start something of my own. 

The thought of owning a business was always on my mind and with a great support from my Guide and Mentor, my Husband,VinayJaiswal the dream seemed possible.
Jewelry was a great idea since we travelled a lot and I had a knack of picking of beautiful jewelry. So that was it, I sourced in some really beautiful pieces worth Rs.2500/- from a known supplier and created a catalogue. Next was creating a page on facebook and it was overwhelming to see the response. I was sending pieces to customers living abroad in the first week itself.

Everyone faces challenges in their paths and I would call Challenges, little Struggles which actually pushed me to do better & some of these were managing the finances & cash flow well, getting the Customer taste right, Product quality right, connecting with Good and Reliable Vendors, Getting the Business Model right, hiring the right team and keep them motivated.
But yes, having an experienced partner in Business was extremely helpful and since I had a very Encouraging family supporting me and a Husband (Was now  my Business Partner ) who mentored me continuously and made each Speed Breaker look like a small hiccup for me.

Everyday there is something new to learn. Its like nurturing a small baby, watching it grow everyday and making it so big and mature so that it can take care of itself without us being around. Enjoying working with an enthusiastic team. Challenges change everyday and so does the way to handle them. For e.g., earlier it was how to generate revenue and now it is how build a great team and keep them motivated. Tomorrow it will be how to lead them and train them to become to create next line of leadership. We also feel excited when we reach out to so many of our customers who were on the lookout of some beautiful pieces of jewelry and we are making it possible for them to own them.

Reading out their testimonials and hearing their ‘Joy Stories’ gives us a new HIGH everyday and keeps us motivated. Also as the Venture grows, it teaches us so many things every day, which probably we wouldn’t have known otherwise. For e.g., WE got to learn that fashion Jewelry itself is such a huge field to play on and there are so many things that can be brought together to build beautiful pieces of art and craft and there are so many areas we can expand.
One more very feel good factor is that it creates Livelihood for so many people right from the Karigars, Artisans to the every Employee in our office.


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