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Candy Cane Club – Vidhi Mehra

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Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.


I was in the final year of my MBA, all excited about the new job that I was going to start at an online startup.  Little did I know that I would quit the job after just 2 months of joining, to embrace motherhood.

 Life after my son was just not the same. In fact, it was far away from the presentations and endless discussions about new ideas that I had dreamed of.  I packed away all my dreams and did not really know how I could work with two small children.

 I spent a lot of time with my children and their gang of friends who were forever at my house. I constantly kept developing ideas to keep them engaged while trying to teach them some valuable lesson. That’s what gave birth to the board games at Candy Cane Club.

 When I started candy cane club in 2009, it was originally meant to create educational board games and books for kids for the age group of 3 years and above. Around 2009 was when the online games scenario was picking up and kids were beginning to get introduced to these electronic gizmos. Experts all over the world continued harping on the benefits of classic board games and basic toys to develop interpersonal and social skills for young children.I designed board games for 3-8 year olds that maximized interaction between players to aid in the development of social, emotional and creative skills. I believed in the concept of learning through interaction.

 Inception of thesubscription boxes at Candy Cane Club and why I felt the need to start it?

While bringing up my children I was often faced with the dilemma of what toys or book should I buy. I would end bringing loads of books and toys that my babies would not even look at. I searched online but there were so many products out there that I always found myself lost.  And when I actually brought something home, my baby would not even look at it. Whenever I wanted to make my baby play, I had only a handful of games/ideas that I would use. It was then I started doing research on toys and books for little babies. I realised that they were not the right games that would help me work on skills like memory and lateral thinking..

I found more and more parents who felt confused or overwhelmed when they entered a toy store. 

That’s when I decided to put together a team who understood the specific needs of children at each developmental level.We at Candy Cane Club started to deliver a box every month filled with curated set of toys, books, and activities that are carefully matched to each child’s unique developmental needs.  Our experts design each box around an age-appropriate theme and put together an experience that allows you to participate in helping your child grow to their fullest potential.

Each box contains:

  • 1-2 toys/board games
  • 1-2 books
  • 1 set of art supplies
  • 1 craft kit
  • 1 surprise gift
  • Recommended Ipad and Android apps
  • Recommended online games and music
  • Activity suggestions for the family
  • Instructions for optimal use for each element
  • YouTube video to show how to use the art supply.

Our USP is the four C’s

  • C – Curated
  • C- Convenient
  • C- Customised
  • C- Complete development

We at Candy Cane Club also organize hands on learning contest that help child learn and think out of the box. Our contest are run on www.facebook.com/candycaneclub

 Work Philosophy at Candy Cane Club

Spending time and bringing up your children is a joyful experience but it makes you feel that something is amiss. There is something meaningful one wants to do but at the same time want to spend time caring for their little ones. I feel that now our country has loads of opportunities to offer women. Thanks to the digital world work from home is now being recognized as a valid job type. This gives us women lot of flexibility to choose a job type that we can pursue after having babies. We at Candy Cane Club understand this and promote and invite women to work from home.

What’s next at Candy Cane Club?

We are launching our book series Animal factory. The first book, ‘The caliphs mount’ is already available on kindle and can be bought at www.amazon.com

Now that we are shipping Candy Cane Club boxes everywhere in India, we look forward to take Candy Cane Club to the global market.



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