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Anjli Mata – A Western Classical Music Educationist

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Anjli Mata photo (3)My name is Anjli and I am a Western Classical Music educationist with my solo instrument being Piano. I have been teaching music for over 40 years and I am still as passionate about it as I was when I started out. My journey and interest in music began when I was a toddler, listening to my father play the harmonium, effortlessly picking out famous Hindi film songs.

He was naturally gifted and could play any tune he heard. I studied in a convent in Kolkata where I idolised our music teacher watching her create magic on the piano. After much opposition from my Mum I managed to convince her to let me learn the instrument and went on to complete my studies in piano from Trinity College London. I had wonderful teachers who inspired me to become a teacher myself. From learning to starting to teach at the age of 19 and still teaching it has been a fulfilling and motivating experience.

I continued teaching after marriage and my husband’s job brought us to Delhi in 1981. The move interrupted my teaching as I was also expecting my first child. However I went back to teaching 3 months after our son Varun was born. The advantage of my career was that I could choose how busy I wanted to be. When our second son was born I went through the usual maid problems. Both my parents and in laws were in Kolkata. I had to give up going out to teach, but continued to do so from home. There would be afternoons when I would put my little one to sleep and start classes in the next room, praying that he would not wake up before I finished. Despite all this I never gave up and stayed in touch with music through their growing years. My husband was a great support and never discouraged or stopped me from continuing my career.

Once they were out of school I started involving myself more and more in what I loved doing – teaching. I also became the representative for Trinity College London, an international examination board for music, drama and language in 1999. From a meagre 13 candidates in Delhi I have built up the business in North India to over 7000 candidates appearing for examinations. It is a full time job now. I am also heading the academic team in India and we run teacher training programs at all our centres in India. In December 2013 Trinity College London conferred an Hon TCL  degree (honorary membership of Trinity College London) in recognition of my work.  A truly satisfying moment shared with my mother and husband in London. Of course I still teach, as the satisfaction that gives me is unparalleled by anything else.

Anjli photoI am truly lucky to be doing what I am passionate about. I would not have achieved what I have without the support of my family. To all women who may read this – always follow your dream, the road may be winding but the goal will always be in sight.

To know more about Trinity College London – the international exam board for performing arts and English language qualifications log on to www.trinitycollege.com/www.trinityrock.com .Alternatively, you could reach out to me anjli.mata@gmail.com/ +91 11 26894420/https://www.facebook.com/trinitycollegeindia?fref=ts

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