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Ruche Mittal – IdeaPerfect Communication



A Kolkatan girl, born in a Madu Business Family, I wanted to study Pshychology after high school. My parents decided not to let me to go to Bangalore for the same, & so I decided not to pursue graduation altogether. I could never do things with half heart. Instead I enrolled myself to learn Graphics in Arena Multimedia, Kolkata. Then, I envisioned myself spending life creating Greeting Cards. However, a Logo Competition that I participated in, & finally won, boosted the confidence in me, & I began freelancing, with my design education running parallel. Then I used to work for 17 hours straight –9 AM to 2 PM would help my parents in our family business of garments, schedule all my client meeting upto 7 in the evening, & then sit till about 4 AM to finish & deliver client projects ! I was then desperate to prove a point – not to the World – but maybe to Myself & My Close ones around…

A friend & I partnered, & IdeaPerfect Communication was born in the year 2010. We were a team of 3-4 people in all. That was a tough phase. I was facing a constant struggle managing my Projects, Team & Cash-flows. ‘Doing – Failing – Learning – Re Doing’ – the primary lesson learnt from this phase. I had exhausted all my savings, & was literally living from hand to mouth. My ego did not allow me to share my hardships with my parents. I still was far away from proving ‘the point’. Work consumed all my time, which meant I had no time for socializing & for friends. I was exhausted, was literally making no money & was missing someone to talk to ! Thats when marriage came my way. Perfect Timing! Manish Mittal, is my best buddy, my support mechanism, my backbone & also happens to be my husband. As Destiny had its way, marriage made me shift my base from Kolkata to Bangalore. A new city, a new start – for my personal & professional life. I was now managing a home, along with my work. I spent quality time understanding business issues & rectifying my mistakes. Meanwhile, the office in Kolkata was operational, till every member of my team could smoothly exit.

2010 was a make shift year. I registered IdeaPerfect Communication formally. In the same year, I was also selected by the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, for their GSS 10K Program. This Program played the role of a major catalyst. The insights, learnings, interactions helped me reform myself & my business.  Today, IdeaPerfect Communication is run by my friend and business partner Saloni Bhandari, along with me. She brings in Creative Energies, while I take care of the Business Aspects. (www.ideaperfect.com ) Today we have more than 50+ clients we have served to and maintain relationships regularly.

Over my years of work, I realized how information exchange & networking are the key contributing factors for the growth & development of any organization, no matter how big or small it is. Hence, on 5th January 2011 I started HEN India – Her Entrepreneurial Network – a platform to bring Indian women entrepreneurs to inspire, inform and support each other to create successful businesses along with balanced lives. Today we are group of 3500+ members across the country. We have held workshops and seminars in cities like Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Bhelai etc. (www.henindia.com)

#1 – How to make clients / look for business when you have no reference points or connections ?
in 2003,when people were using  www.orkut.com to connect with friends and family and displaying their images, i would use it to display my designs and to connect with people for work… Looking back, I know I was simply making use of Soacial Media Marketing tools.
#2 – How to get business in a  new city where people don’t know you ?
I googled – “meet people for business” – Simple ! I got connected to groups like TiE, OCC, Headstart, BNI, Meet-Up – read about each one and made notes on what each one has to offer – went to all the meets & finally joined TiE for a year as their workshops were really useful. Business is no rocket science. Simple & logical applications help to achieve great things. When there is a question – do not hesitate to ask.
#3 – How to rectify past business issues & problems ?
I took some time off to recharge myself, & participated in Indian School of Business’, Hyderabad, GSS 10K Program. This is when I remodelled the Company Structure & its Functioning. As it is said – When Life throws Questions at You, Sometimes the Best thing to Do is – DO NOTHING !

#4 – Hear Me, Hear Me, Hear Me – How important / necessary is it to have someone who could analyse your business as an outsider?
While I was redefining my business, & during all the structural changes, I did want someone who I could brainstorm with, Someone who would put forward a neutral view. A Mentor. It is then that I connected myself to these people, from varied industries & networks, for varied learnings & insights – & I call them my Mentors. Be an opportunist & learn from others experiences!

#5 – Work – Life Balance – Is it always a problem ?
I live with following rules :
– Work is a priority during the week, Family is a priority during the weekend. If there is an urgent meeting required on a weekend – I attend it with my husband. My clients and business associates are informed well in advance. In Bangalore, one spends a whole day for a one hour meeting, due to the long distances. Hence, I do not compromise on my personal time with my Best Friend & Love – we handle both – & he is kind enough to share an hour of his weekend time.
–  After 6.30 PM I let go any Calls, Msgs, Facebook Posts, Mails etc. World has become a smaller space and people expect quite a bit, but I have been able to set a stage with people to limit their expectations with me. From 8.30 AM to 6.30 PM I am quite prompt, but not after that.
– There is a trade off happening at every minute, between Family & Clients. I try & strike a balance & when I am stuck in a tricky situation, I open my cards out to both – family and client. It is no issue to let your client see that side of yours – we all face similar situations in life. Clients understand & like honest reasons.

#6 Time for Self – How important is it ?
While managing my Business & Family, I have also created space for MY Time. I use this time to do what I want to do – learn something new, do something for myself. No Matter What – this is not compromised up on !

Life is not difficult, We make it difficult.
To Achieve, First Believe.
Express – It helps to Learn, Grow & Connect – with Self & Others.



5 thoughts on “Ruche Mittal – IdeaPerfect Communication

  1. Ruche so nice to read about you. Feel like reading my life story!!! Quite on the similar lines cos also we do same business went to ISB etc. All the very best!! Take care Anitha

  2. Well said and inspiring too…

  3. Fantastic, Ruchi! All the very best for the future!


  4. I am really touched my your blog.I am somewhere in the same situation in life where Best thing to Do is – DO NOTHING !Would love to meet you.

  5. ruchi. super stuff. I am currently struggling with all things u mentioned. i run a grapgic desugn company and have a 1.5 year old baby. is there a way I can be In touch with you? I desparately need direction

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