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Richa Dikshit – Toy Tasting

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richa_pic (2)Starting up a new business is tough. Bringing up a baby is perhaps tougher. Now imagine doing both together! In February 2013, I found myself at International Toy Fair in Nuremberg, the world’s largest toy expo. My mission was to select toys for my venture, Toy Tasting, a video channel that helps parents choose the best toys for their toddlers. After spending a decade of working with institutions and corporate helping with their investments and then hedging their currency exposures against rupee volatility, I had no intention of wearing new shoes of entrepreneurship.

In 2011, when I took a break from investing banking at Merrill Lynch, much of my time was spent in playing with my elder one. We both enjoyed a good construction set. On a lark, I took out my camera and created my first video and uploaded it on You Tube. I constantly joked that it’s an expensive hobby (expensive as I left my high paying job to do it) and truly there was no grand plan and I took it all as it came.

In a couple of months, Toy Tasting, You Tube channel, touched a million views and inquiries started pouring in. On one side, toy vendors were talking to me about having their products reviewed and on the other, parents wanted advice on buying toys. My husband and I put the two together and the ecommerce site Yellow Giraffe was born.

Another journey that I was going through besides working on both Toy Tasting and Yellow Giraffe was becoming a mother second time around. My younger one was born in February 2012. I wouldn’t say it was easy but wasn’t so difficult either. Parenting is probably the most important job all moms do, unfortunately with very little training. Now, my experience has been that if you put anybody in a time constrained position, they will naturally optimize their time. So I believe that the best we can all do, as society, is to help a working mom without giving too much advice.

As working women, who also have kids and has to manage the house, my mantra that I follow is: “Do Everything Everyday”


One thought on “Richa Dikshit – Toy Tasting

  1. Lovely words on optimizing of potential!! good going!!

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