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Deepa Govind – Don’t wait for the script, play your part !


Deepa Work From Home Mentoring 

What does one with PG in zoology do? Especially, having chosen Fisheries & Aquatic biology as elective major? Get into some branch of veterinary science… or probably set up a fish farm, or for the ambitious self, get into National Institute of Oceanography….. Well, I would dream of the things to do at NIO, but destiny had other plans for me

Not that I am complaining, but having missed the NIO-train, this computer-illiterate was not employable outside of Science-stream. Dutifully, I got enrolled into a 2yr course from APTECH , which dragged well over 3+ yrs. During this time, got married to a wonderful guy from Bangalore, accompanied hubby dear to Europe and USA during official travels, and then back to home ground settling down with parents-in-laws etc.  And then, that is it. Nothing much happening (pun intended).What does one with PG in zoology do? Especially, having chosen Fisheries & Aquatic biology as elective major? Get into some branch of veterinary science… or probably set up a fish farm, or for the ambitious self, get into National Institute of Oceanography….. Well, I would dream of the things to do at NIO, but destiny had other plans for me

Early 2006

Long story short, being a stay-at-home-wife bored the sanity out of me. For more private reasons, it was impossible to consider getting out of home for a regular day job. At this time, a lost-and-recently-found-family-friend started a blog (http://cynicism2euphoria.blogspot.in/ in 2006) and invited me to read into his journal. Little did I realize that, this will grow to be one of the few key events that would change the course of my life personally and professionally.

I found blogging… rather.. blogging found me

Time-jump-late 2006

I now had 5 niche blogs (Tech blog, poetry, photography, Ramblings in English, a Tamil blog) and contributing to 3 Community blogs as well. Days could not get any busier than this, and loving every bit of this. Little did I realize I was being watched by prospective employers

…. Work-from-home hasn’t entered my mind space yet.


The popular magazine “Outlook Money” ran a feature on Virtual assistants in Oct 2007 . Hubby dear said “Hey! Here is something for you to blog about next week”. Being the science student I was, I got into researching this new trend. The more I read, the more I realized its potential. One can actually make money working from home and delivering quality product/service. This was the answer to my career-pangs (remember, Getting out of home for a 9-5 job was not an option for me)

The Grand-plan has started to reveal itself; I was now getting the script.


Blogging was picking up pace, and I was getting noticed. I got my first paying client to write and manage a company blog. My Work from Home / Homepreneurial venture has officially kicked off. Being a techie bug, I was exploring online tools while work was dull. Thus, I bumped into Zoho Creator (a developmental platform for developing web based applications). 4 months of self-learning, I was finally able to teach myself deluge scripting and qualified to develop custom apps. I was beginning to get enquiries to build apps on zoho creator

I just found my niche.

2008 – 2015

Since then, I work from home as a Zoho Creator consultant/developer and also do writing assignments to take a break from code. In 2011, we were blessed with twin joys in our life, Rahul & Diya. In between projects & nappy-change, I managed to explore e-tutoring, Scientific Research Assistant (..still a zoology post graduate), Editing, Authoring an ebook “Income Tax for Freelancers – Make an Informed Start”,social media strategist etc.

I still feel there is more to my script, but then, trust all will be revealed in time.

Work From Home Mentoring

Jessie D Souza, CEO and Founder of Vibrant Ace Virtual Assistance, a dynamic lady who has made her mark working from home as a Social Media Expert set up a group on Facebook called “Work From Home Divas India” in 8 April 2012. Added me as a co-admin, and since then, we have been posting tips and advice for aspiring work from home professionals. In 2014 we launched our website for WFHDindia and is a work in progress

What we explicitly refuse to do is “spoon feeding” and “hand holding”. Because, we do it for free, amidst our billable work schedule. So, instead of monetary exchange, we expect our mentees to invest their time and dedication to our mentoring advice.  We give pointers to resources and skill ideas. It takes a lot of work before one can actually start billing for working from home. All these hard work of self-learning is very tiring and many back out. We console ourselves with “May be they are not Cut-out for virtual assistance/ work from home”.

It is a matter of pride to mention, we are fortunate to have unearthed some pearls as mentors. Shweta Deshmukh (Virtual Event coordinator) , Shweta Arora (Internet Marketer), Pooja Kapoor (Virtual HR ), and Shweta Dhanuka (accomplished writer). These are extremely proactive individuals who went to “seek” the answers, compared to “I will ask, and wait for the response” attitude. It is this go-and-get-it spirit that has shaped their Virtual assistance / work from home careers. They make us swell with pride.

Me & Jessie learnt things the hard way. We had our share of burnt-finger-moments.  WFHD mentoring is our way of giving back to the community.  We help people not just discover jobs, but create them as well… on their own terms….

Author Bio

Deepa Govind is a work from home professional since 2007, and prefers to call herself as a Homepreneur. She is a Zoologist by education, Blogger by hobby, Freelance Virtual Assistant by chance, and Homepreneur by transition. Her ebook “Income Tax for Freelancers – Make an informed Start” is sought after by freelancers and independent professionals alike. At her recent talk at Zoholics conference 2014, she brings the work from home concept to the corporate gathering. Linkedin |Twitter |Google+ blog


7 thoughts on “Deepa Govind – Don’t wait for the script, play your part !

  1. nice one

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  3. Very inspiring…more so because your story is similar to mine…just that the work from home part has not really started for me just yet…sighhhhhh!!

  4. Thanks Neelam chand

    @Geetanjali .. glad that you were able to spot the spark. WFH will also happen.. just dont quit trying…. DO… thats waht matters ..

  5. Good one Deepa! I think the scripts are similar for most of us who found WFH or vice versa.. It’s always that one Oh! moment which changes your role from audience to lead actor 🙂 ! I say to all aspiring to WHF ladies, keep eyes and ears open, be willing to take risks . Remember you have to step out of your comfort zone if you want to gain something!!!

    Thanks Deepa for WFHDIndia and continue to inspire 🙂

  6. Thank you Dhanya. Indeed, we never know when our Oh! moment arrives. and when it does, we have to grab with all fours. As you say, untill we step out of our comfort zone, we never know what we are capable of doing.

  7. Its so nice to know how you blossomed into an accomplished “Homepreneur ” and have come lo g way from being a PG in Zoology 🙂 I hope I can emulate your story in some way and get some spark back in my professional life…

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