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Anuja Trehan…..Live Every Moment !


anujatrehanI would like to introduce myself as Anuja Trehan from Delhi. I have done Bachelors and Masters in languages from JNU, New Delhi. Portuguese government awarded me a merit scholarship to study Portuguese Translation and language course from Coimbra University, Portugal where I represented India. I also did a course in Spanish translation from the University of Salamanca, Spain (considered as the Oxford of Spanish language). Having trotted the globe at the age of 20, I got immense confidence, knowledge and exposure which today are my biggest asset. My first job was at American Express, which I joined as a language expert in the year 2001. They sent me to Argentina to conduct smooth migration of processes. At American Express I won various awards and accolades which I neatly preserved and framed…then came a turn in my life after having worked almost three years at American Express I got married in November 2003 to the ‘love of my life’ my prince charming who happened to be a Naval officer.

 After marriage….however the reality set in…as I was married to a naval officer, my first station of posting was Goa…although very beautiful and charming and full of friendly and warm people…I could not get a right opportunity which would commensurate with my skill set. So I tried and enjoyed our tenure in Goa as a new wife and instead of feeling defeated in my life slowly I tried to open a window of opportunity which the almighty provided me (by then we had moved from Goa to Mumbai followed by Vizag within a short period of 8 months … all in the year 2004!). My husband, by then, had started sailing a lot and the free time would kill me. I started surfing the net day and night. Initially, I used to work 16 hours a day, it seemed as if my university days were back. I started speaking to clients, reaching out to translation agencies, embassies, M.N.C. in order to provide competitive and reliable translation and interpretation services. My priority was quality of work and of course maintaining timeline. Within no time, I gained confidence of my clients and I started working from home.  Perseverance to excel was the key to my success. Thankfully my passion for languages and my profession wedded pretty well…those were the best days of my life as I used to work so much and get so tired that I would not even realize when I would doze off… what’s better than a goodnight sleep ! My hubby was sailing all this while.

I was blessed with a daughter Amisha in 2007. I took a break for the initial 40 days after delivery and continued to work not just with Indian clients but Globally. As the work showered on me, I had to prioritize and try and achieve perfect balance between my personal and professional life. The grace of God continued to shower on me and I got a break with Microsoft in Hyderabad as a senior language expert in 2010 when my daughter was almost three year old. The company hired me for a project and paid me lucratively. I had to relocate to Hyderabad with my in laws and my daughter for the project as my husband continued to be in Kerala (he had got posted in the meantime from Vizag to Kerala). Though life was quite challenging and fulfilling, I used to miss my daughter during office hours. I had to maintain fine balance between my work and daughter’s requirement. After successful completion of the project, I shifted back to my husband’s house as my daughter used to terribly miss her father. I again started freelancing with various clients as an interpreter and translator.

Working from home offers varied flexible options and has helped me take out time for my daughter and family. I love every bit of being a work from home mom. Well! the journey is still ON and each new day is a beautiful gift of God. The best part about Indian economy is that it is booming and there is no dearth of job for the right resource. My daughter is seven years old now and I am hopefully looking forward to getting settled in Delhi or Mumbai. Work from home also allows me to take out time for my work outs and live a healthy life (Healthy living is happy living). I as a woman can give happiness to my family only if I am happy and healthy. I also developed a passion for running and participated in 10 K category of Vizag Half Marathon in 2014.

I hereby wanted to add that my mother is my role model. My father expired when I was only three and half years of age and my mother raised us all ALONE (I and my two elder brothers). I have seen a very strong and independent lady in my mother and I am proud to be her reflection. It is only because of her that I have learnt to take life as it comes and never give up on my goals in life. That being said…my husband too is my constant support, my pillar of strength. I am deeply spiritual person and believe in the theory of Carpe diem, which originally comes from Latin and signifies that we should live our present as past is gone and our present determines the future. I believe in constantly challenging limits of my own horizons and learn something new each day. I would like to encourage other ladies to maintain balance between personal and professional life by working from home rather than sacrificing their career for which they have worked hard in their life. There is no dearth of opportunities in today’s world and God will surely help as God help those who help themselves! Best of luck ladies !


3 thoughts on “Anuja Trehan…..Live Every Moment !

  1. My loving sister..may almaighty god bless you and keep you healthy and happy always 🙂 Wish you all the best in life…

  2. Well done Anuja keep up the good show. You have maintained a very good balance between your professional and personal life☺

  3. Thank you both of you 🙂

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