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Rachna Monga Koppikar…….Money Wise!

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Join me in the mission to be a money savvy woman

I am a finance journalist turned a Great Gruhini on a mission to help women take financial decisions on their own. I founded India’s first personal finance website, thegreatgruhini.com, that educates, empowers, inspires Women to earn, save invest and even teach their kids about money through informal workshops and training sessions, I encourage them to play an active role in family financial decision making.

 My early days as an analyst and a journalistRachna 04

Being a commerce graduate and an MBA in finance, 2000 was the most challenging year to enter the job market. E-commerce, e-trading were the businesses to be in. A job with a broking and consulting firm was the obvious thing to do. In few months, the technology euphoria subsided. I landed up a job of a mutual fund research analyst at Value Research, India’s leading mutual fund research organisation.

Three years of rigorous fund analysis then took me to work with India’s best business editors and in leading business publications such as Business world, Mint Newspaper and Business Today. For next 7 years I handled personal finance sections, wrote well researched articles on stock markets, investment products, investor behaviour. Then marriage happened. For another few years we had a double income no kid (DINK) lifestyle that we enjoyed. But at work, just writing about managing finances within a specific deadline, wasn’t exciting and challenging.

Then motherhood happened. The sabbatical gave me enough time to think about going back to mainstream writing.

I never went back.

Next four years went in a flash: birthday party hopping, school picnics, discovering new outdoor places and arranging play dates every other day. That feeling of being a complete hands-on mom was no doubt awesome. But I wasn’t contented with just being around the house, managing it and running it. You tend to take charge of everything that is happening around you. The spouse could see I was restless and confused. For months,
he kept telling me to start writing a blog. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to write another finance blog as lots of me peers were doing a good job of it already.

The Great Gruhini was born…

When a private bank was advertising about a new savings account for kids. Lots of articles on it yet people asked things like how do I open this account, what documents do I need?

That was, to put in words of Oprah Winfrey, my true calling moment.

Teaching kids about money is not something Indian parents consciously do. So, I had found the USP of my blog: how to teach kids about money. I discovered and wrote about tools, books to teach kids about money.

This was also the time I often interacted with mothers in the garden or in my son’s school. It made me look deeper into the ground reality that women find it difficult to understand basic financial concepts and hence lack the courage to take or participate in financial decisions of their family. That’s how the idea of focussing on women came around.

And the challenges I faced…

Initially I felt it will difficult to keep up with the blog singlehandedly. But one by one, things fell in place. I started following a routine whereby mornings were as pre-planned as required in a 9 to 5 job, the house chores such as groceries etc got done over the weekends.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this journey from being a journalist to being a great gruhini who wants women to take charge of their money.

However I am yet to overcome my biggest challenge, of making my housewife friends shed the belief that they don’t have time to look after money matters of home. I often invite them for informal workshops at home.

I also help working women take better investment decisions through corporate workshops.

To sum it up:

  • Never do something just because you have to kill time or because that is what everyone is doing. Find your passion and just wait for your true calling moment.
  • When that true calling moment comes… give your 100% to it. Everything will fall in place automatically. Your kids will understand that mom has office work too. Your spouse, inlaws and parents will adjust according to your work schedules and hopefully your maids will be less erratic and more supportive!

Owner of www.TheGreatGruhini.com, India’s First Personal Finance Blog that helps Women get wise with money and raise money savvy kids!


One thought on “Rachna Monga Koppikar…….Money Wise!

  1. Rachna I have chanced some of your articles and your plainspeak really cuts through. Your articles are devoid of jargons is commendable. I can liken the ones i have read to Monika Halan but your efforts on making many financially literate takes the cake.

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