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As a child, I was always wanted to become a doctor and hence all my energies were always channelized towards studies. But it so happened that I did not get into medicine due to the high cut offs. I was devastated and was thinking of giving up on studies altogether. That’s when my mother heard about this course in nutrition. My hobby besides books was the kitchen and I loved spending hours there cooking.

So, I enrolled in the B.Sc program and started my journey towards becoming a dietician. I enjoyed my course as we had to study diets in various therapeutic conditions like heart disease, liver diseases, hormonal imbalances etc.10921708_10206028935380861_1294958435_n

I started working at a reputed gymnasium called Talwalkars and began my career. Dieticians; 10 years back were not taken as seriously as they are today and hence I was struggling to make people understand the difference it would make if they did eat correctly!

My husband was also working in Talwalkars as the Mumbai head that time and I happened to meet him there. Post marriage, I decided to work in the clinical field and got a job as a dietician at LILAVATI hospital. After a month I was promoted to be the Chief Dietician at the age of 23.

I was extremely happy as I was doing both activities I loved, patient handling and kitchen management. Also, got into recipe development, portions and a practical approach to meal planning. I also authored a book, taught at colleges, did corporate workshops. People did find my age and my work contradictory. I was too young and doing all this!! I also started consulting corporate’s and that is where the idea of www.balancenutrition evolved.

I was very happy after the birth of my child and was mentally prepared to be a hands on mother and leave active practice. But here again my mother and my husband were encouraging me to not leave my career. So, my child was with her grandmother, aunts (my sisters) and with my very supportive family members. That’s when I began my career again as a dietician in corporate. The executives there were extremely busy to follow a text book diet chart and had many health disorders.

It got me thinking that the traditional diet charts need to be modified and have a more practical approach is required. I introduced the following:

1.DIETS ON EMAIL– no one had the time to come for a consultation, hence began the emailing of the nutritional assessment sheet and preparing diets and emailing them. All details and recipes needed to be attached too.

2.RESTAURANT AND ALCOHOL GUIDEno executive was ready to skip a board lunch meeting hence I had to give options from the things available. The restaurant guide today has 36 cuisines from chaat to fine dining and can be used even when travelling globally.

3.TRAVEL/AIRPORT and HOLIDAY GUIDE– on similar lines I made a food guide for frequent travellers and those on a holiday.

So the entire base of balance nutrition started developing and to my surprise, I had my 1st NRI client in JAN 2014!! She had read my updates on face book page that I had made as a hobby. In a short span have made Balance Nutrition a fully fledged company with a solid back end foundation with a team for website administration, social media and marketing.

A team of dietitians handling clients & senior dietitians conducting latest research on health and wellness, planning menus and developing recipes. We are in the process of starting child nutrition and corporate nutrition too

We have 1700 active clients and a base of 15000 people worldwide actively engaging with us through various social media.

I have authored a book ‘Getting rid of Obesity’ published by MBD Publication. Also, I am on the panel of ECA ‘Early Childhood Association’ and have been featured on Sheroes, Oowomaniya, B positive, Women’s health and Babychakra.

Work Life Balance

Being an e commerce business, we have to work 24 hours. I am at present concentrating on building the core of the business and improvising the services to a class level. So I am spending more than 8 hours a day thinking or working on the website.

Weekends we tend to take it a bit slow. I spend 1 hour on my health and fitness every day. Being an active mother of a maid less child takes 4 hours of my day. So when it comes to my child and home, there is a 3 to 4 hour a day slot reserved come what may.

Nights are about reading …


Do not under estimate yourself and don’t let your domestic duties be an excuse for not being an entrepreneur. They are your strength. Being a working woman makes me a much better wife and mom. I am happy and hence my home is happier!!

Balance derives from her my firm belief that Nutrition and Lifestyle management can transform lives.  This online model shall only help more people get access to genuine nutrition therapy and lead better, healthier lives.

https://www.facebook.com/balancenutrition.in / www.balancenutrition.in


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