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Payal…..Love & Light!


I started my career in financial services many years ago. For several years I enjoyed the new found financial independence and of course the thrills and challenges of a banking job.

payal harley

But in a few years of working and soul-searching, the salary at the end of the month was not enough gratification for the number of hours I spent slogging for someone else. I quit quite suddenly and then spent the next two years backpacking the country and many parts of the world with my husband. When our son was born, my time became so much more precious to me.

I started Indie Eco Candles in the summer of 2012. I personally love candles and I would buy them all the time. But the best quality candles available in India were all foreign brands. We didn’t have a single top-notch luxury candle made in India at that time. I had put together a small team of 2 amazing women who I then trained to hand pour the beautiful candles we now make. The idea was to have soul in our candles for them to stand out and eventually become what they are now. For the intent to take form I needed the power of thoughtful hands. Indie Eco had grown into an all women organization. I believe in the passionate women who work close to me. I also believe that the success of the brand lies in the victories that we have made at the local level. We ensure convenient working hours, good pays and training programs for our ladies. We are deeply involved in enhancing the lives of our team and also provide essential mentoring for their children. I believe that educating and empowering them has made a huge difference to the choices that they make today. If my women are happy and content, Indie eco will always make the most amazing candles.

The challenges were many. To begin with, my choice to make and sell candles! It was hard to actually create a market for selling such a niche product. There are a lot of inferior quality paraffin based candles available which are so toxic that it was the equivalent of breathing the fumes from an exhaust pipe. We make candles with natural vegetable wax blends and essential oils.

Slowly we have managed to get many loyal customers who love our candles and are happy to endorse them. We are proud to say that we make a truly world-class product!

To sum up, our brand reflects everything that we believe in.  Challenges come up all the time. No two days are the same. That’s what I love most about my job!



3 thoughts on “Payal…..Love & Light!

  1. awesome…mightily proud of you..
    wonder when will I have the guts to give up dentistry and start writing…. you are an inspiration…kudos..

  2. Hey! wow i just saw your comment! Thanks..

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