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Mohita S Pathak …Heartfelt Gratitude!


I have about 15 years of experience and when I look at my journey I am filled with gratitude. I consider myself blessed for my achievements. I was a bright student, a gold medalist in my graduation. I found my name in the Honors board in my MBA college too. The education prepared me for getting a job, however life taught me the greatest lessons.DCIM100GOPROG0010125.

Work was life and having started a career as an HR professional in Banking, fast pace of the industry ensured that there was always more on plate to handle. Career was priority and I did shy away from starting a family. It was my parents who gave me a commitment to take care of my baby’s well-being till he turned 6 months old which gave me the confidence to start thinking.

I was travelling 10 -15 days in month for branch visits, employee connects and it was one day that I realized that I could not do that. Infact, I was bound to bed due to pregnancy complications. The choice between risking my and my baby’s life to slowing down on professional front was a forced choice.  I realized for the first time that the “show will go on” and nothing will stop if I did not go to work. My gratitude to my bosses who allowed me to work from home in this condition. I was able to work first from home and 45 days before my delivery from a hospital bed. It was this support that gave me the strength to face the challenges due to pregnancy. I learnt “to find good” in every situation.

Once my baby was born my parents really went all out to ensure his well being. They not only came to stay with me, also got the baby to office for regular feeds. It was because of my parents that did not miss any milestone of my child. I was there for his first smile, first step and also the first word he said.

I learnt that “Relationships” are the key and “family” is precious. The lesson of parenthood was actually understood by me.

The learning’s that my child brought into my life have changed me as a person as well as a professional. I have immense gratitude for this bundle of joy. I learnt that “Being present 100%” has more meaning than doing things half heartedly.

When I hear stories about women who fought many odds, both at family and professional front, I feel immense gratitude for my parents and my partner who have been continuous supports in my journey.

My friends and colleagues have also extended support and made balancing the life at both ends memorable. How my friends stepped up to support me at times when I did not have anyone to take care of my son. From picking up the little one from school / bus stop to being with him till I get home. On, one occasion he was running high temperature and I was on way back on flight from a work trip, a friend  not only rushed him to the hospital but did everything a mom would do to comfort a child running 104 degree temperature. They have ensured that my son never misses a birthday party because I am at work. I learnt “there is love all around me; I just need to extend my hand”.

Today my son is 8 years old, and continuous support from my partner as well as parents have ensured that I live my dreams. Never so far I have been stopped from doing anything that I wanted either for my self- development or professional growth. I learnt “when I want something God sends messengers to make it happen”.

God has been kind and yes I do see God in my son, spouse, parents and friends.

My gratitude to all.


5 thoughts on “Mohita S Pathak …Heartfelt Gratitude!

  1. Well written piece.

  2. Mona dear,I did only what a father is supposed to do.
    It was my duty and am glad that I did it to your satisfaction.

  3. very touching and Insightful.

  4. Beautiful piece Mohita!

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