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Gayatri Brown…..Spa- cial Indulgence!!

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I started off as a makeup artist and stylist, and it’s a family business so it was natural for me to dive into the same industry. I wanted to do something more than just makeup! I learnt about cosmetics and what goes into them and wanted to make some skin loving products to pamper the skin naturally. ..without makeup… preservatives and chemicals!!! Hard task – some might say; but managed to successfully do it. Here’s my story…Gia

I learnt soaping at a hobby class when I was 17. I used to make soaps now and then but it did not really interest me at that time. I have always been independently employed. Having a Family business; my first job  was at my mother’s salon (which is still in business) and also had one of my own hair and makeup studios until my daughter was born. So it was just natural that I would start a company of my own rather than getting into a  9- 5 job.

With the birth of my daughter I also gave birth to Gia Bath and Body Works …

My company is named after my daughter Georgia who is called Gia by her loved ones. My daughter is my inspiration, my strength and she has taught me to be patient  (well this may come naturally  with motherhood) creativity cannot come to those who don’t patiently work on something that requires attention to detail.

I got a chance to completely devote myself into skincare products after Gia was born.  I gave up my Salon to focus on my product line.

The products available in the market were laden with chemicals &  products that claimed  to be natural were also boring looking and the fragrances were equally uninviting.

So, I decided to make products that are good for your skin and exquisite in designs as well. It’s been a good 4 years now…

The products I make are made with skin loving ingredients sourced from all over the globe. I make my soaps look almost edible. While natural products are good for your skin soap makers don’t really focus on the design  or aesthetics of a bar. I use a bit of color which is approved by the FDA, ( the same pigments that go into your lipsticks and eye shadows) and they look exquisite.

Supplies are very difficult to source in India. I get most of my raw material from the USA or UK… which by the way… costs me quite a bit! But my brand is more of a passion than a business. The main product that makes my soaps look different are the colors and of course the designs. The colors we get in India have unpredictable results, no FDA approval and small amounts are not available.  Since designing something from scratch requires clear mind and focus, I can afford to do it only when my daughter goes to school.

Commercial soaps are devoid  of anything that is good for your skin, glycerine is a by product of the soap making process and when done in a large scale the glycerin  is extracted and sold separately  for other pharmaceutical industries  as it is more profitable. The soaps I make contains the glycerin unlike any other commercial soap. Our speciality are Cold process Artisan soaps, Cupcake soaps, Body polishing scrubs, Spf creams and body butters..

I am totally enjoying the space that I am in right now.. Truly Indulgent and Blissful.



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