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Parul Mathur – I got a high salaried job for which I was not even professionally qualified: The Journey


Parul Mathur - IMG-20150506-WA0009Hi, my name is Parul Mathur and I work as a Technical Content Writer on full time basis. It took me around three years to be able to write this line with pride and confidence. My educational background is totally different from what is required for my current profile. I did M.Sc. in Biotechnology and M.B.A. in International Trade and Logistics.

Pre sabbatical I used to work at a Russia based Pharmaceutical MNC. But when my son came in my life, I decided to quit as I didn’t want him to leave on maid’s mercy. Full one year I spent changing his nappies and taking care of home. I didn’t have even time to comb my hairs. I was so fond of reading but used to put away the newspaper not even bothering to at least giving it a glance.

One day I suddenly realized that I have totally lost the connection with the world outside my home. I was terrified to the core. By then my son was already one year. I started reading newspapers, stuff on the internet. I used to read on my mobile while making my son sleep. I was itching badly to get back to work but at the same time I wanted to be with my little one. I wanted to work from home. I started searching the options, but couldn’t fit myself in any one of those. A relative visited our home those days, she happened to read my feedback on a write up over the net. She told me that I write well and I should try that. But I had no clue where to write, what to write and how it would fetch money to me. I started exploring writing options.

I wrote two sample articles (original) and started sending them for applying at different companies for the position of freelancer writer. Several of them rejected them; some even didn’t bother to reply back. But one company in Delhi showed a little bit of interest. I followed them madly and literally begged them to give me a writing assignment. They said ok, but they wanted me to post articles freely on their portal so as to assess my skills and the kind of response my articles get. I agreed and did the same. At last by god’s grace they liked my articles and offered me to come onboard but they were paying very little amount around Rs 50 an hour and I had to work around 4 hrs a day. I kept on working this way for around next one and a half year. My reporting manager there was a wonderful lady who not only bucked me up but also told about the ins and outs of this profession.

I started exploring the field and found so many options out there. I worked for several clients both national and International, wrote for Womensera (the popular magazine in India for women). I kept on doing this and never ever stopped learning and improving my writing. Every time my work got rejected, I used to ask the reason for my failure from the recruiting person and started working upon my weakness/fault. Not to mention that my work was rejected a number of times. I won’t lie that I used to get dishearten at times, but I took it as a challenge. I made my e-portfolio (http://parul-mathur.portfoliobox.me/), my personal blog (http://www.buzzchain.wordpress.com/), a decent looking linkedin profile (http://in.linkedin.com/pub/parul-mathur/76/147/960/) and an up to the mark profile on naukri.com.

By now my son was 4 year and I had enough of experience in this field. I started applying to full time jobs in content writing; I was fully armed with my weapons (my social media profile and professional profile). Opportunities started flowing and I tried to negotiate them by saying that for two days I would come to office and rest of the days I will work from home. A lot of companies did not agree but I didn’t quit trying. And finally a company agreed on my terms. Then within three months I appeared for the interview of Technical Writer in a very huge and reputed MNC of India which is a dream company for many. I cleared the process and was offered a highly paid job for the professional qualification that I do not even possess.

I also started a facebook group known as work from home options for women. It has more than 30,000 members in it. Recently I have collaborated with People Konnect for its betterment.

My Success Mantra: There would be days when you realize that there is not a single reason to move further. But remember, if you want success, NEVER EVER QUIT.


13 thoughts on “Parul Mathur – I got a high salaried job for which I was not even professionally qualified: The Journey

  1. Please find a work from home job for me

  2. Yes i totally agree..quitting is so tempting..especially with innumerable day to day issues like..maid dint come, child is sick ..school n its starting trouble..n to keep going needs a lot of support n blessing! Hope policies change and MNCs offer more flexibility to women in general.

  3. Dear Parul, I have a writing experience. Can u please fine me a work from home job. It would be great!!!

  4. Sneha Shetty pls search on Naukri.com (write freelancing jobs in writing) also follow the steps as I described in my article.

    .. I’ve done Technical writing sometime back… But did not get a chance to work…could I get some guidance, as how to start working from home
    Waiting eagerly for a reply

  6. congrats dear when u work hard god always stand by u.

  7. Hi parul. Kudos to u. Hard work persevarance and the zest to fo something pays off. Would like to have the link of your fb page work from home option.
    have twins aged 6 years with no back support of family. Cant leave them with maid and need n want to get back to work.

  8. Lskshmi pls contact me over my facebook id, will surely help you in that.

  9. Bravo. We will not do full justice to your write-up if we take and promote it as an inspiring article for only moms looking at a second winning/work from home. It has great lessons for all of us. Not just in your efforts and perseverance but also in the fact that you could manage to get out of the gravity of the so-called “my specialization”. Increasingly, everyone will have to change careers once/twice. Bravo

  10. Hi plz find a work from home for me

  11. We do have writing job for Amateur Writer for our newly launched website. Would pay as per writing skills. For further details mails us on manasvibac@gmail.com

  12. Parul u r simply great!!! U set an example to women. One request I wanted to do is can I join u r gr coz I need a job which I can do from my own house.
    Plzz help and guide me.
    I will really be thankful.
    I have already sent a request to that work from home wala grup.

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