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Sneh Nihalani- I love putting ‘commas’ in life and never a ‘full stop’.

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Life has been quite an adventurous journey for me. Growing up in UP and Rajasthan, facing Ayodhya riots at the tender age of 10, landing up in Mumbai with just my  dreams in my pocket, getting my divorced parents marry each other again, spending years in advertising writing campaigns and jingles, scripting a film, bumping into my soul-mate and marrying him and today happy to have launched my own label and the most exciting of all- being a mother.

So, while I was working as a copywriter, there was an idea bubbling for a very long time because of my love for design and fashion. After a long day at work I used to sit and design stuff, gave up the lunch hour gossips for shopping fabrics, visiting printers and briefing artists. Finally with few flagship pieces in hand and a great photo shoot (thanks to my photographer friend Pavitr Saith) I did a soft launch on Facebook in Dec 2013 of my Indie apparel brand RADIO RANI.321194_10150787788780527_236507239_n

In 2014, while I was carrying my baby, I was making my brand alive as well. I am not professionally qualified as a designer but have confidence in my art and sensibilities. I consider a saari as my 6 yards playground to set my ideas free. Fortunately the brand was soon picked up by media.In fact Elle ranked us as one of the top 20 indie brands to watch out for.

Radio Rani is more of an idea, it’s about finding the hidden quirk in you and sporting it proudly to the world. The purpose was to make saaris young and fun.

My love for Radio was my quirk and hence the name Radio Rani. And these little things are the ones that make us interesting. The label is about picking up these traits and designing a collection around. Every saari is inspired by a woman I know, have seen, have heard or read about.

Drape the one that unfolds the Rani in you.

From mythology to moods to festivals to beliefs, here is some fashion for souls and not just sizes. Radio Rani as I say is for ‘girls of all ages’. We cater to women who like to stand out in clutter, who set their own norms and who are experimental when it comes to life and of course fashion. In addition to saaris, I now have stoles, dhotis, crop blouses and more with same concepts.

The journey was not easy and that’s what made it exciting.

When I started this label I was the CEO, manager, dispatch person, merchandiser as well as the complain attendant for Radio Rani. It was hilariously tough to manage all this with a full time job and that too with a baby bump.

After my son was born I said adios to my full time job as a copywriter in advertising.

Radio Rani as well as my scriptwriting project (have co-written yet to be released ‘Legend of Michael Mishra’) gives me the creative energy and happiness that helps me bring up my child with joy.

Today, I have a small set up at home and I meet people by appointment and planning to do exhibitions across the country.

It will be totally unfair to take all the credit for bringing up my two beautiful babies. My husband and family has been the biggest support. And now it’s my son who is the most fantastic stress buster. Every time I am worried about the delay in printing or the colors not as good as I thought or the last minute preparation for exhibitions, all I need is his toothless smile to get me going.

I believe as women our priorities change with time but that doesn’t mean giving up our aspirations. It’s all about reshaping them according to circumstances.

Radio Rani

e shop- facebook.com/radioranibysneh

Copy of night rani 01 logo layout  Copy of road rani 01 logo layout

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