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Creativity and passion complimented with hard work has manifested in to Veedaa – “Candles and gifting products”. A lifestyle brand that today has become a one stop shop where we provide customized candles, personalized wedding favors, home decor items, trousseau packaging etc to our clients who seek an edge over what is available in the markets. Candles being our core product and customization being our forte, we can create gifting and packaging options which are either theme oriented or for special occasions such as weddings, baby showers, anniversaries, festivals etc.

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Our passion for candles started 8 years ago when I did a hobby class for candle making. My ever so motivating mum- Mrs Vandana Kohli took me to Crawford market in Mumbai; we bought molds, wax dye etc&decided to make candles.I really never got to making them as I was extremely caught up with college then. However mom’s interest did not die there. She used to keep trying her hand at it, read books, looked up the Internet and slowly over a period of time re engaged me into the process. This is what gave birth to our brand.

Its been over 8 years of gradual learning, trial and errors at home, breakage, damage etc that has helped us learn the art of candle making. We tried different combinations of various wax blends in order to come up with the right one which is luminous, hardened and superior in quality. We essentially make paraffin wax candles and have just ventured into using organic wax like bees & soya wax.

Today, we have our own manufacturing set up where we engage in the design, manufacture, wholesale, and retail of both scented and decorative candles.  All our candles are hand poured and hand made.

Our varieties include candle accessories, baskets, jar candles, tumbler candles, pillar candles, t light candles, wax melt, votive candles & candle hurricanes. We use imported wax blends, dyes as well as fragrances in order to make our products worthy of international standards.


India as a country unlike other developed nations has just begun to opening up to the use of scented and decorative candles. It is a very niche market but also one that is growing at a rapid pace every year. Hence, educating our customers is important but at the same time exiting as the urban customer today is very inquisitive & ready to spend on something that is out of the ordinary. This is the key factor that drives us to constantly innovate and come up with new products every season to satisfy our customer’s needs.


www.veedaa.in / https://www.facebook.com/pages/Veedaa/463299890473877?ref=hl


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