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Prachi Patankar & Madhavi Patil – The Story of a Journey; from Motherhood to Mompreneurs

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A peek at who we are. Two things you can easily guess from the headline: we are Moms and we have just plunged in being Mompreneurs. We are glad to introduce ourselves, Madhavi Patil, an IT professional and Prachi Patankar, a product & graphic designer. Both of us left our careers by choice to enjoy motherhood after a little angel bloomed in our respective arms.  Tears flew down after seeing the cutie in our arms and also after seeing the blooming career coming to a halt. It’s rightly said that one should understand life’s priorities and we both choose our little kids over our jobs. Thus the Mommies world started for us. Ahh just a correction before you start thinking we are inseparable or best friends, frankly we didn’t know each other at first. We got tied in the friendship knot coz of two beautiful things 1) Accidentally and surprisingly both parents named their kids the same i.e. Yuvaan 2) Our lovely and notorious kids are best pals of each other. we-picIt’s rightly said “Motherhood has the greatest potential influence in Human Life.”  Unluckily we have seen all the odds one can witness in the journey of being a Mother. But with God’s grace all turned out to be well. After passing through each milestone of Motherhood we both used to sit and think about our past professional lives. At times it used to haunt us as well. Every time we came up with some plan for restarting our professional life, the very next day either of the kids would fall ill or something or the other and we used to forget whatever we planned. It’s been 3+ years now that we planned many things just to let them fizzle out in balancing home and kids. However old habits die hard and it craved within us the need to have a work outlet which will help all the moms like us who wish to do something or the other along with managing family and raising their beautiful kids. Then again happened lot of brainstorming and finally we came up with the idea of having an online store where Mom’s neighbourhood local business would get an entry in the Moms global ecommerce world i.e. Momzbizz.com. Well there is a saying that every nice piece of work needs the right person in the right place at the right time and so here it is. Momzbizz.com is India’s First dedicated E-store for Moms to bring their business Online. We showcase, sell and promote unique and fab products/services from Mom’s and let them get discovered by millions of customers. A Mom need not be thoroughly Internet savvy as we handle the entire operations from listing the products to delivering the products. The drive is to enable Moms be successful Mompreneurs. As quoted “Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.” We have earned our missing professional joy through Momzbizz.com and will continue to share it among all Moms who wish to become Mompreneurs.


One thought on “Prachi Patankar & Madhavi Patil – The Story of a Journey; from Motherhood to Mompreneurs

  1. I know to make smocking cushions and would love to take help from you in showcasing the product . Please help me use my talent

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