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Anubha Walia: You Can And You Have To !

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You would have never  thought that a successful woman entrepreneur in Training World  would once be forced to  leave Post Graduation due to marriage.

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But that is what happened to me – Anubha Walia ( maternal name Anubha Maurya). My marriage was one experience that yielded important learnings that led me on a path to become an International Trainer, facilitator, consultant on human process intervention an not to miss presently pursuit my PhD ( First lady from India doing research on Followership). Various  experiences inspired me  to compile the learnings which I have accumulated and till date share with young people through my training sessions.

In the pursuit of happiness obstacles are common and on every step. I faced them too, I know when I get down to describing them some of you will relate while some of you won’t but it’s all about personal experience.  In my journey the biggest problem was the timing, I left my career at a flourshing stage and got married, with the marriage came a conservative joint family, an early pregnancy and a whole new city that too real warm infact hot blood of Punjab. I must say my dad has been a big supportive rock throughout, but amidst all the deadlines and rules that came with my new family I was lost, I could not decide the right and wrong and was following the herd till a jolt came. The jolt was a good opportunity, that initially put me in dilemma, could I leave my child? What will people (the great Indian society) think about me as a wife and mother? What if I lose it all to a stupid opportunity and can never regain the love? With this there was also fear, fear of unknown… When I left my career, it was budding but not blooming, I was thus unsure about being able to pick from where I had left professionally.

But then, I thought, discussed with my maternal family and finally made the decision to get back on track!

And that is when a new Anubha was born, who by the way, now is an ambitious career woman, a good and inspiring mother who is looked upon by her daughter ( the best thing any mom can crave for) and focus was flourishing at home and work both by working on Time.  We women often spend time and effort to behave how our near and dear ones want and not be true to ourselves. However I have realized that trusting yourself and being authentic by identifying your own strength and weakness is the key.

Each one of us has weaknesses, my suggestion is to focus on the strengths and build on them and most importantly to stop comparing yourself others. Just be focused on where you want to see yourself 5 yrs down the line.

Nothing happens overnight guys. Best way to learn is through your own mistakes that makes you smarter and stronger. Take responsibility of your own mistakes, identify what went wrong, and be rational than emotional.

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Success does not have a preset formula but we all have philosophy, mine being PRISM – Prepare, Respect, Implement, Share and Maintain. A simple yet powerful approach which I use for achieving my goals. Only thing I can say all female fraternity in my life – My Mom Kanta, My Sis Ashu & Zeri, My best friend Manisha and above all My daughter Ellnaaz are great source of strength.. Whenever I PREPARE for my Trainings, I SHARE with them and RESPECT their feedback which helps me to IMPLEMENT with positive element leading me to MAINTAIN in my life.

Get in touch with me at anubha@prism-global.org, anubhawalia@gmail.com, Follow : anubhawalia.wordpress.com


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