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Kalyani Kamble – A spoonful of dedication sprinkled with a bit of love and that is the recipe to success.

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IMG_19361When you’re described by your friends as anti-social and shy, you barely imagine yourself standing in front of a massive crowd and giving out a presentation which ends with a standing ovation. However as the great Da Vinci once said, “Everything that is dreamt of is eventually built.” This has been my power mantra all throughout.  I dreamt of building an image so strong that would help me overcome my fear of public speaking. Building a success strategy that would help people grow and progress and overcome their fears the same way I have.

So, coming to my journey, I started out as an Image consultant and completed my course from ICBI. This course really helped me in developing my personality. There after I started training budding image consultants and simultaneously conducted training sessions with many well-known companies. Well, the people who swear to know me to well aware of the fact that I believe going on. No matter what the hurdles are. If you have the power within you, nothing is impossible. I then went ahead and completed my Life Coaching certification. I had received my certification in counselling a long back but I was of the opinion that one should keep enhancing their skills and that is what encouraged me to pursue Life Coaching. This wonderful art of life coaching has changed my life and helped me a great deal in changing the lives of others around me. As a Life Coach my main aim was to work for the emotional well-being of women entrepreneurs. It inspires me to see women juggling with their work and household responsibilities. I can completely relate to them. If someone happens to ask me my life goal in two words it would be ‘Keep Inspiring’. You can only inspire others when you yourself feel inspired. After pursuing certification in Life Coaching, I came across a term called NLP which is an abbreviation for Neuro Linguistic Programming. Yes, I know it sounds complicated but as I got more exposed to NLP I realized that as complicated as it sounds, this science is useful in making your life simple. A lot more simple. It has mind boggling techniques that make you question their authenticity. But as and when you learn the techniques you realize that it is not bogus and each and every technique helped me in fulfilling my life goal which is to inspire people. I got my Master NLP certification from the School of Excellence. NLP has now helped me in shifting states and achieving peak success. Many celebrity and models are also under my list of clients and the pressure with which they deal on day to day basis succumbs them to the dark world of drugs and alcohol. The NLP techniques I use ensure that they don’t fall into that dark pit and stay Emotionally Intelligent. I wish to make the most of it and also make as many people as possible aware about this beautiful science which prevails.

The journey as not been easy keeping in mind the fact that my son suffers from ADHD. A child is a reflection of the mother. Everything eventually reflects on you. When a child has a drawback the mother faces the same. However, I chose to overcome that drawback and using certain NLP techniques I am successful in bringing minute but recognizable changes in my child.  My family has been really supportive of my career choices, you don’t expect to come to this level after having a 12 year old kid and a joint family, but your belief and faith in what you intend to do and support extended from loved ones makes everything possible. Also, considering the current business environment which is highly volatile, surviving on your own financial strength requires a lot of inspiration which can only come from within you. All you need to do is search for it with dedication and zest.

Get inspired and keep inspiring!


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