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Aditi Panjwani – What’s life without a little bit of chaos & madness !


I am from a defense background. My dad was in the Indian Navy. So, we never felt settled in a place because as soon as one would start feeling comfortable we would be packing our bags to move to a new destination. But this part of my life has taught me a lot. I would make friends & then it would be time to say good bye. Changed houses, schools, cities. All this has made me realizeAditiP that nothing in life is constant & that if you leave back good friends you find better ones. Life is all about moving on & meeting new people & discovering new places.

I have done my Hotel Management from WGSHA as the hospitality industry always fascinated me. So after a three year course at Manipal, I got placed at Taj Mahal Mumbai at their Front Office Division. I must confess that whatever I wanted to learn about a professional working environment I learnt from this job of mine. It was 2.5 years of high energy high deliverables! But I just could not cope with the shift system so decided to move on. I was doing my part time MBA in HR & fortunately got a job with Times Bank which eventually merged with HDFC Bank in their HR Team.I was a part of the HR team for almost over 7 years. I joined as a junior associate & moved up to manage the Mumbai western suburbs belt for their retail liabilities division. It was an enriching experience but as stagnancy set in it was time for me to move on.  I moved onto Kotak Mahindra Bank. I must say that I have been lucky as I got to experiment a lot at Kotak. Joined in their Private Banking division as Generalist HR. Within a few months started handing the Alternate Assets space. Then added the International Business Exposure to my experience. Currently, I manage the Private Banking & the Alternate Assets space for them. It was been an enriching & a learning journey for me at Kotak coz I got to try my hands at various business & I came out learning something new each time.

Well I must say that I have been quite self-motivated & was always clear that come what may I will try & work for as long as I can. It’s not been easy. I am a mother to two beautiful girls aged 10 & 3. There are times when I feel guilty for not being there for them all the time. Luckily the girls have also realised that they have a working mom & have been very supportive. I have a fabulous support system in my Mother in law & Mom. They are always there whenever I have needed them. Though at times I do feel stretched & all the multi-tasking at home & work does get to me but I realise that work is something which has kept me sane for all these years & I will continue to work till such time I think I can. It gets quite insane at time but what’s life without a little bit of chaos & madness.

I try not to feel too guilty about not being there for my kids all the time. I believe in the philosophy of quality versus quantity. So I ensure that whatever time I get with them I spend it completely with them. Have also realised that kids become more independent when they know that parents are not around them 24/7. They learn decision making & negotiating skills early on in life.  So, the key here is not to feel GUILTY & enjoy what you do.


3 thoughts on “Aditi Panjwani – What’s life without a little bit of chaos & madness !

  1. Wow…… Simply superb!!!

  2. wow Adi beautiful thoughts from a beautiful woman:)

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