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Richa Sethi – Letting imagination lead the way!

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I am an army kid and that more or less shaped up my entire thinking and attitude for things to come in life. You can’t shy away from things so face the challenge. Every moment matters because you will be out of this place before you even settle down. Make the most of every place, pal and party!

Resources are going to be minimal but that doesn’t mean that you can’t hop, jog or if lucky take a ride in army Jonga and still reach your destination. Happiness within frugalism is inbuilt.

Richa TWB

All this and more shaped my early years. I believe ‘Entrepreneurship’ is also an attitude towards life. You are constantly in the listening and learning mode, ready to built linkages because somewhere they all come together to propel you ahead.

I did my PGDM from Management Development Institute, Gurgaon and joined Philips Electronics India Ltd. as Management Trainee. Moved through various roles in sales and marketing and after eight years with them decided to follow my deep desire of working with children. I trained myself to be NLP practitioner in Singapore and volunteered with National Library Board, Singapore for their various reading programs for children. Once back in Mumbai I was bitten by the bug!

The Writer’s Bug came into existence because as a parent I wanted my kids to experience our rich creative and literary universe. We were the first ones in Mumbai to host a literary festival exclusively for children. A team of parent volunteers, authors, publishers, creative artists driven by the same thought made the festival possible in a short span of two months. Young Sparks is another endeavor which was launched with the aim of supporting talented children in the space of writing and illustration. These children receive mentoring from professional writers and illustrators and an opportunity to get their work published.

We have been constantly creating initiatives that engage and enthuse children towards creative and literary arts. We currently have ten centres across Mumbai but our goal is to create a hub of creative minds who are excited to bring their passion and skills to the kids.

Entrepreneurial journey is full of hardships, confusions and learning and I am a strong believer of supporting fellow entrepreneurs. I have been a mentor with Cherie Blair Foundation and now mentoring high growth urban woman entrepreneurs through Techno Serve Foundation.

Every journey has it’s challenges but they also help you sharpen your skills and character.

  • For every working mom the biggest challenge is balancing work life. And here creating an ecosystem of support comprising of husband, family, friends and house help has helped me maintain that balance. I try to remind myself that you are not alone in this journey and ask for help when required.
  • With growing commitments health takes a toll and for me that was the biggest priority. Before I reworked on my business plan I created a health regime which included a balanced diet and physical activity to build my endurance. Without a happy mind and body it is impossible to manage the stress and hardships that come along with a growing business.
  • Scaling up a business without compromising on the original value and commitment made to your loyal base is a tough one. That is when we decided to take a step back and thought through our long term goals and aligned our processes and reworked our teams.

Entrepreneurship has taught me that that there is a solution for every problem, it is upto us how and where we want to look for it.


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