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Kanupriya Agarwal – Stay patient, trust your journey!

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I am Kanupriya Agarwal. I have completed my MBA in HR and then further post graduation in Advertising and Public Relations. I have been working since last 7 years in different roles. I got married immediately after finishing my MBA. Infact, I did my media course after my wedding. I also started working after my marriage only.

Honestly, I have been very lucky to have got excellent “work from home” opportunities. I like to maintain a balance in my life. At the risk of sounding unambitious, I didn’t chase a professional dream ever. I wanted to work and also, work at my own pace.

My husband runs a structural engineering consultancy firm in Mumbai. My first real assignment was with his client. It was a construction company, based in the US, for which I did marketing for 2-2.5 years. So, yes, it was not really a work from home. But, I could choose to go to his office and work or work from home. The timing was really difficult. I had to work till late in the night everyday.


So, then, I took up a project with an Australian client. Here, I worked as a project manager for a construction company again. The timing was fairly manageable. And it was a high paying job. I worked on this till last month of my pregnancy, during which time, I also started training 2 more people to do this task, since we didn’t want to let go of this client. And then, came my 1 year 4 months maternity break!

The break was extremely important to adjust to my new life! And when things got settled, one afternoon, when my son was sleeping, I thought to myself, now what!? I had absolutely nothing to do! I didn’t want to just sleep away in the noons. That is when I thought – this is it! I have to get up and get going. And I started Bachfun. This started out with fun activities for kids. And then, slowly, I became all India importer for Baby Banz products. Baby Banz is the world leader in sun protection products for kids. This was a major learning period in my life as I was doing something very new, all by myself for the first time. But, it was also my best. Baby Banz work gave me recognition which I couldn’t have thought of. Infact, I owe my professional life to it. That one decision actually changed my life.

One thing kept leading to another. And then one fine day, in February, 2014, I created a group called “Powai Women Networking” on Facebook. It was primarily to bring women from Powai together, for both personal and business reasons. Who knew it would become what it is now!? It has grown not just in number, but, in every sense of the word “womanhood”. Through PWN, we have different kinds of meets and events for women, plus I help promote women owned businesses.  It is extremely time taking (the reason I quit my first project), but I totally love it. This is exactly my kind of work. I work from home, can manage my personal life and also, I get to meet people from different fields.

The biggest challenge is to manage time, which can be handled if you have the motivation and will power to move ahead. In my case, what worked is I always went with the flow. I never pre planned. I kept taking risks (or so I think) and it helped. I am not overly ambitious and I think that probably is the reason why I never hesitate to try anything new. And yes, of course, I have been lucky.


One thought on “Kanupriya Agarwal – Stay patient, trust your journey!

  1. We all have great ideas. We must trust in timing! Awesomeness!

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