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Suman Kher – Passion sustains life!


I was born and raised in Bangalore but I am not a south Indian. I was born to Punjabi parents but I am hardly a Punjabi. I have lived in Delhi for 12 years but failed to become a Delhiite. I have been living in Mumbai for the last 8 years and I hope I have become a Mumbaikar. This quirky introduction sums me up as a person. Having lived in three cities has shaped my personality in many ways. It has also proved to be a boon in my profession of training where I train different profiles of people across different locations.


To quickly sum up my credentials, I have an MA in English Literature and an MBA in Human Resources. I am certified by Dale Carnegie and IIM, Indore as a trainer. I am also a certified coach from Erickson International. I am passionate about training, writing and skill development. My hobbies include reading, listening to music, chatting on Twitter and watching re-runs of sitcoms. I worked full time for five years in Delhi and then moved to Mumbai in 2007 where I have been training corporates since 2008-09.

The beginning:

I was a studious child and followed the beaten path of finishing studies first and then getting a job. So I finished MA from Delhi University and started teaching MBA aspirants in one of the coaching centers in Delhi. That is when I realized my true passion for language. Training students for all India entrance exams kept me on my toes since I had to be good with grammar, reading and vocabulary. I also had a short stint with Hero Mindmine where I was first introduced to training skills and got my first certification as a trainer. I worked full time for 5 years in Delhi

The challenges:

The biggest change in a woman’s life – marriage – led me to move to Mumbai in 2007. It was a challenge to start afresh in a new city amidst a new family. I took a break for a year to find my bearings and settle down in my new home. After a year, while I was considering joining my old job in Mumbai, my spouse suggested that I should think of what I really want to do in life. He encouraged me to think of what I am passionate about and pursue that instead of chasing a 9-5 routine. That required quite a bit of thought. Since I had no contacts in a new city, I couldn’t just pick up anything with no support system.

I always thought of corporate training and wanted to take that up. But a network to tap into is essential to bag assignments, which I was missing. So, I posted my resume on job sites and began writing for websites while I waited. I did some great writing during that time. I re-wrote a book on wedding planning for online consumption. I also had a monthly column of essential soft skills in a national magazine for MBA aspirants. I also worked on a project for Ebay.

The breakthrough:

The wait was worth it and calls started trickling in. My first assignment was for a group of medical representatives who had to be groomed in communication and presentation. It’s been almost 7 years and I have not just added to my skills as a corporate trainer but also worked with well known clients like HDFC Bank, Bajaj Allianz, Fastrack Watches, Godrej and Boyce and Jammu and Kashmir Bank, to name a few.

Setting up an online presence:

With the rising need and popularity of social media, I decided to start my training blog last year, which would also help me showcase my training credentials. My online presence includes platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+. It has been a hard task to do everything on my own. But the passion I have for my work kept me going. The response to the blog has been quite positive. I have had new trainers get in touch to know more about becoming a corporate trainer. I am glad that my blog could become the platform where people can get in touch with me. I see this as my chance to give back to the community and strengthen the bonds with other trainers. I am also a certified coach and can help individual clients with their personal and professional goals. This gives me the advantage of training groups and then coaching them individually to help with their development.

The road ahead:

Having set up my online presence, I  am looking at getting connected to decision makers like HR managers and CEOs in organisations and explore training/learning and coaching opportunities so that I can help employees improve their skill levels and perform better. Corporates and individuals are free to drop in at www.sumankher.com and explore the kind of association they want to have with me in areas of training and coaching. I am also developing open sessions for individuals on key skills like presentation skills and assertive communication. The information will be updated on the website soon.

I believe that the future is pretty bright. My passion along with my expertise is definitely an asset that will keep me motivated.

2 thoughts on “Suman Kher – Passion sustains life!

  1. Congrats and best wishes…. you will shine.

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