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Rakshita Dwivedi – Never Say Quit!

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Opportunity knocks once but you can create it again.

Always be ready to pack your bags, life loves surprises.

When things go wrong, it is time to re-invent.

 The Journey

I have been an extrovert person right from my school days and somehow making friends came naturally to me. Most likely that explains my current bent towards Digital Media. I am a proud Mathematics graduate who opted for Business administration course and successfully completed it. Now you Rakshitacan’t be successful if you haven’t walked out of the campus with a job offer that too in one of the best Indian private banks. However cards played little differently (Yes , I believe in destiny as long as it supports me ;)) and I got married and had to move to US .So technically I left the job before joining it and offcourse gladly took all the curse from my batch mates who felt I wasted an opportunity. Little did they know how magnificent ‘Niagara Falls’ looks like and celebrating Diwali without any crackers is some rest to your ears.

So coming back to India started with some reality bites when I realised that ironically neither I am a fresher nor the one with an experience letter. After much twist and turns career started and this time in Human Resources. By all means I did good for myself and north was the only direction I faced for next four years. Working in IT industry and handling Talent Acquisition gave a lot of exposure and it did make me fall in love with technology.

This was the start of next chapter as my husband moved to Mumbai to pursue his residential post-graduation and I moved to Lucknow to stay with my in-laws. Sitting idle was never on my mind and I joined a startup and helped them catapult their HR function to next level by automating lot of processes and implementing an entirely new in-house HRIS. This definitely added feather in my cap and my first independent technical HR intervention.

Changing courses

Post this we moved to city of dreams, Mumbai for a much roller coaster ride of settling back in a new city and hunting for another opportunity matching my interest. I did pursue my full time work for sometime till I was on family way. Considering three months (I am glad now it’s six months) wasn’t enough for me to pamper my little one, I chose to take a sabbatical. Even before I realized courtesy the speed of light, my son was an year old. Around this time I wanted to get back to action but not full time and some four years back it was still not easy. I tried assignments which didn’t satisfy my learning quest and coming from a full time background didn’t know anyone who actually had an experience in what I was looking for. It took me almost three frustrating months before I got introduced to plugHR through Fleximoms.

Since then life has changed and I am in love with working from home. You can read my blog ‘HR Thoughts’ (https://rakshitadwivedi.wordpress.com/) where I have shared my experiences and learnings of last three and half years. It has been a journey of exploring my potential and expanding my wings in the social media space.

My Laurels

By god’s grace my blog has been rated in Top 25 HR blogs to be followed in 2015, got listed in Top 100 HR influencer on twitter, Top 101 inspiring Women on twitter, Finalist for TSCFM awards in HR Innovation and also had a published story in Economic Times on ‘Work flex’  with Sheroes.

My Passion & More

If this is not enough, I do pursue my passion of cooking and run a starter food blog ‘Recipe Dabba’ (www.recipedabba.com) which is focused on quick fix , healthy yet tasty vegetarian foods. My technical knack and techy life partner (read partner-in -crime) helped me develop a grocery listing app ‘List Your Grocery’: https://goo.gl/jta8di (Free on Android and ITunes) which takes over the mundane task of making a paper list every time you wish to buy groceries. This was also covered in IndianMomsConnect review: http://goo.gl/8lxhSu.

I am fitness freak and that just explains why I can’t miss my morning run and yoga. It not just sets my day right but gives me enough positivity to face everything with a smile, including my son’s tantrums 😉

To sum up my years have been quite action oriented and enough to keep me on my toes and this for me is just the beginning of the game. I can’t thank my stars enough to have an extremely supporting husband who has only made things easier for me.

Life has its own game where losing is new learning and victory is a celebration for a new journey.


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  1. Bahut hi accha likha hai durga bahini

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