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Seema Verma – Challenges are hidden opportunities.


Seema V

I always had a great life and I believe it till date. I was always blessed with the best people to support and my Gods invisible hands have always been with me.

Having been selected as the chosen one, I had my set of challenges that I could use as a stepping stone to grow in my life.

I grew up in a traditional Punjabi family set up. I always dreamt of flying high. I completed my graduation and pursued a Diploma in Travel and Tourism.

I started my career working in IATA agency.  While I was working I was fortunate enough to be selected to complete the most coveted   AIR INDIA training for travel professionals. I passed the training in the Merit List. This added a feather in my cap in my career journey.  As I was heading towards progress in my career journey my family decided that I need to tie the knot and settle down.

I got married in a punjabi family. After 2 years of getting married and being a home maker, with great difficulty I managed to convince my family that I wanted to continue working. I  got an opportunity to work as a travel manager with the most sought off profile of assisting  the VVIP , most of the Bollywood  biggies  and corporate heads organise their travel itinerary.

I was happy managing the home and job for almost 4 years.  I conceived and had to take an extended maternity leave of one and half years. I resumed work while I was juggling with work and home my son was diagnosed with type 1 or Insulin dependent diabetes when was just two years old.  I felt that the whole world had crashed down for me.  I quit my job to take care of him.

From being a girl who was scared of injections, I had to learn giving injections to my child, prick and check blood sugar levels.

That’s was not the end. I had to understand the impact of every food that my son ate on his sugar level.  Simply, I learnt nutrition for diabetics or general wellness in details. At times my son would cranky but I had to maintain my calm and patience still lovingly give him the shot. I started learning about child psychology to understand him better and help him in his diabetes management. Every day there was anew challenge and a new leaning.

While I was managing my son well, I started losing my own self.  I was living in a constant fear of my son’s health. I was losing the joy of living.

At this time I met my transformation teacher . I learnt Reiki from him and it’s been magical since then. It has helped me change my life.

In the whole process of empowering my son, I realised that I felt a vacuum. I wanted to do something but had no clue what to do.I could not take up a full time job as it was more than 4 years that I had taken a break and could not leave my son too.

During this time, a very distressing incident happened in Delhi where a school bus with kids on board met with an accident. I simply expressed my views in the article and sent it to Femina and forgot about it. To my surprise my article was awarded as the ‘Best Feature’ and I had a gift hamper sent to my place.

This came like a sign from God to show me my abilities and hidden talents.There was a lot of family support that helped me move ahead. My husband motivated me at every juncture of my life.

Around the same time, I was introduced to a digital company who wanted someone to write blogs for automobile website. I started writing from home on various topics. As my work was appreciated, I started getting more confident.

After working for a few years, I got an opportunity to work flexi hours for a health insurance broker that had their own Online Health Magazine as a value added service to their customer.

This rekindled my interest in health and well being. I shared my experiences while writing articles on health that contributed to the overall sales in the company. My confidence stared growing.

It was like a script written for me and I didn’t let it go. I started taking projects on freelancing and slowly decided to take it up in a bigger way and become an Entrepreneur.

I am now the Founder and CEO of a Content Agency- Content Junction.  I now have a team of expert writers in various domain.  I have well-known companies as my clients in my kitty.  My clients are from various domains such as Health and wellness, Finance, Spirituality,Education,Travel etc.

I am looking at giving women professional an opportunity to gain confidence and financial freedom who have opted out of work due to family or kids priorities.

Along with this is there is a constant urge to help other parents, kids and elders in their diabetes management.

It is just the grace of God that I have been offered the opportunity to be a part of the National Diabetic Educator program and become a Certified Diabetic Educator. I am enjoying work and at the same time having Diabetes Management workshop which helps to educate people and empowers them to live confidently with diabetes.  It gives me a sense of satisfaction when I make a difference in the lives of others with my workshop or informative content.

I have learnt that there are immense possibilities in our life and we do not see them due to our fear and doubts.  Every journey has its own challenges, we need to learn that every challenge is an opportunity to learn and grow in the long run.

To overcome the challenge, all you need to do is Just Begin. And once you take one step ahead God takes ten.

I have also learnt from my teacher that there is nothing called as a problem, it’s just a situation. Every situation has a solution. Every time I face a challenge and feel weak or fearful, I keep reminding myself that I am powerful and fearless.

I choose Reiki to give me the inner strength and align my energies. It’s important for every individual to choose what they can connect with the most, Reiki, Chanting, Meditations or anything that gives them the inner strength to cope with the day to challenges and march ahead with a smile and positivity.  This inner strength is the only mantra to achieve all that your heart desire in your life.

As I said earlier, I have a fabulous life and life is at its best.

Content Junction : www.contentjunction.in

2 thoughts on “Seema Verma – Challenges are hidden opportunities.

  1. Congrats Seema

  2. Super powerful woman !! Very inspiring 🙂

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