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Pallavi Goorha Kashyup – “Determination and patience have motivated me all through”

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I was born and raised in New Delhi and have lived in the city for 28 years of my life with my parents. Post that, I moved to Mumbai after being married to my husband, who resides here.

I have a graduation degree in English Literature and a post graduate degree in Journalism from IIMC ( Indian Institute of Mass Communication). I love reading, listening to music and writing blogs. From the start I have been an extrovert and loved making friends. I worked full time for 14 years as a journalist in Delhi and continued with the same after moving to Mumbai as well.


After working for about 3 years in Mumbai, the entrepreneurship bug bit me. My spouse Souvir and my parents encouraged me to start something of my own. I thought of starting my own Public Relation agency which I named PG Communication.

PG Communication is a specializes in corporate communication and we help our clients achieve a leader’s position in the industry by enhancing their brand image. The journey of setting up my own boutique was challenging but I would still call it enjoyable.

After having a daughter in 2014, my work set up proved to be a boon since I could manage my daughter Ananya and also could work out of home. Whenever I go out for client meetings my daughter and my help accompany me. So, it wasn’t very difficult to create a balance between work and motherhood.

“Determination and patience have motivated me all through. Because of my prior experience in the field of journalism I was in a better position to understand what kind of story a journalist does and could see things from a journalist’s point of view.

Create suitable strategy along with understanding the clients’ requirements works well in acquiring effective results. This slow and steady success is inspiring me and my team to work harder and expand the company and take my company to the  next level.

Future plans

I believe my passion for my company will help me and my company grow further.The future plan is to  have a big team to work under me and offices in Mumbai and Delhi.


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