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Divyaa Doraiswamy – GURUKULAM doesn’t remain a dream any longer

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A Masters in Economics, A SHLOKAPRENEUR, A theist in every right and an extremely confident young lady in my 30’s living in one of the most beautiful cities of India -Bangalore, love the temples I visit, absolutely long for the annadanams I part – take on every Thursday and my frequent visits to an old age home helping old parents who have been left to the mercy of the Lord to get free medical treatment and medicines is the best thing I’ve ever been a part of.11813475_10154236118115620_4635106562220005735_n (2)

And yes….My Shloka School – GURUKULAM doesn’t remain a dream any longer.

I started off Gurukulam somewhere in October 2014 and worked with a few children in my apartment and found out that a lot of parents were keen in sending their children for such classes.

          -These classes are for kids between 5-16 years.  

          – Shlokas are taught only in SANSKRIT (though Sanskrit is a language which children at that age i.e. 5-9 years is not something they have been exposed to earlier) but I read that when kids as little as 3 are exposed to a variety of information their grasping capacity is something spectacular. So push all that you can in their little brains and see them gain as much as knowledge as possible is what I believe in) 

        –  At this point in time, I do classes in different Apartments, Pre Schools, Dance Schools and Studios.

         – I also do One-on-One classes for kids at their residence. These classes are actually called the Mother-Baby Duo class where kids as little as 2 and 3 are exposed to learning shlokas but here the mother does more learning than the kids actually do and during the week the mother does repetition of these shlokas with the kids….So here the mother is more the teacher – Mothers are the best teachers!

          -Gurukulam during 2015 is planning to expand its services to many more Pre-schools, Dance- Schools and Blind Schools (For Blind Schools and Govt. Schools, I plan to do this more as a Service activity than as something that gives me Income)

          -Gurukulam is situated on the outskirts of Bangalore and will be in full operation by mid of 2016.

          -At present Gurukulam has close to 50 kids.

Gurukulam is the first of its kind Shloka school in Bangalore. Reaching out (Advertising) to parents has been the biggest challenge since it’s a new concept and people need to believe in your work to get their kids coming for such classes.

I started putting up small advertisements in locals shops, boutiques, pre schools, fitness centers and Facebook. Advertising was the best thing that happened. We grew from 6 kids to a whopping 50 kids. Also, the word of mouth worked wonders…Today, we don’t need advertisement. We have people waiting to join our classes…We are still small but we’ve grown well…

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