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Batul Munim – My challenges are my own in terms of competition to excel with my own self

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My name is Batul Munim. I work as an Independent Communication Consultant. Meeting new people has always fascinated me hence I chose Public Relations. I have close to 10 years of PR Experience. I have done my MA in English Literature from Mumbai University and Event Management from NIEM. I have 2 boys age 2 and 6. Post the birth of my elder son I stopped working.IMG-20160319-WA0023 (4)

My last stint was with Linopinion: The PR arm of LoweLintas for 3 years, prior to that I was with Grey WorldWide and Hanmer & Partners. Motherhood was a new journey and  I was happy just being a Mommy to my son as the whole experience was new to me and I wanted to be there for my baby’s milestones though after 2 years into it I got restless and unhappy. I strongly believe only Happy mothers make Happy babies hence I decided to start back, but leaving my son at home and going full time was not an option, hence I started exploring my work options and realized that I had to bank on my own capabilities and do what I use to do best. Initially, I worked with someone to get the momentum of things and eventually started on my own and then there was no stopping not even during the birth of my second baby so yes It has been a great ride.

Soon I am going to explore Mommy blogging with my blog called Shades of Mommydom. I started on my own 3 years back.

My challenges are my own in terms of competition to excel with my own self.

There is no big motivation than self motivation. Being a peoples person working alone, managing home, time management and trying to reach out to the right people for work is no easy feat but I try and come out of these blues because I believe there is a silver lining behind every cloud and a new light after every tunnel so  yes my positivity keeps me going.

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