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About The Blog

The “Womenspiring Wednesdays” Blog!.. An initiative by BACK TO THE FRONT .

This blog is created to Applaud, Appreciate, Learn from and Salute Womenpower at its best. It consists of diaries of real women who due to real life situations had to confront “Career Break/ Career Switches/Pursue Existing Careers”….yet were determined and enthusiastic about “Defining themselves with their own Identity” and somehow managed to make things work!  The goal of this blog is to help women learn and grow together, where they lend support to and enrich each other by sharing their own unique journeys.“Womenspiring Wednesdays” is about YOU….Your moments of achievement…Your stories of reinventing your career (Alternate Careers)…Your journey towards self development…success stories of comebacks…gaining expertise in work-life integration…

So all the fabulous ladies out there….you are all invited to share your work experience,  job postings/ information, your own stories, stories of women who’ve inspired you and much more …just reach out and ask anything you feel like from the group members. Lets together “Womenspire each other”.


13 thoughts on “About The Blog

  1. Thanks for taking the initiative of starting this blog… May we continue to inspire each other 🙂

  2. hello. I am a new mom and running a graphic design enterprise. I am stuggling with my business currently and am looking at people who can team up with my from a business development perspective. While creative inputs is my strenghth I need someone to look after business generation. any help suggestions contacts are welcome

  3. The success of every woman is an inspiration for another

  4. Impressive ..keep up the good work!

  5. Women seeking a second career after a break may access the following link for resources:

  6. HI
    Serendipity that I came across with “womaninspiringwednesdays”!
    My “back to front ” was because I left my career at my peak and left for Canada to join my husband!
    But the break also gave birth to the entrepreneur in me!
    I with my small team run a student consultancy for international education.
    We do have an office in INdia but if any of you or your friends would like to work for us generating business from a home set
    -up, in getting students who would be interested to study abroad,I would be happy to work out a business partnership!

  7. inspiring…way to go Parul!

  8. Hi,
    I’m neetu danani and I am a dubbing artist since 8years. Firstly thankyou for this wonderful website where networking can be very easy. Coming back to my experience, I have dubbed for movies, ivr , cartoons, serials, tv promos, ad films . I am an artist at heart . I am also choreographer and acting is one of my passion . Love the movies and performing.

  9. Good job. Where shall i write my story? Will i have to write here only? Please let me know.

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