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A Note From The Director

Today we launch with an enterprising story of our Founder Director (Rize @ People Konnect Pvt. Ltd.)


She is a mompreneur, a mother of 2, an Army officer’s daughter and a wife to a very supportive husband. 


 I was handling Campus Recruitments for ICICI Bank, when I had my first child. I  enjoyed full maternity break, and since I had nothing to do, I would call my  husband a dozen times and he would tell me that he had a job and had to work,  unlike me! This break turned out to be a blessing in disguise, when I got time to  think about my core competence and think about my long-term goals. This gave  rise to People Konnect, an Executive Search Firm catering to Middle and Senior  level Hiring.

I still remember those days…about 6 yrs ago …. I would take my maid, my driver  and my son to all the meetings… They all would wait patiently for me while I was at  work. The moment I would come back… I would cling on to my baby and start  feeding him! Wow… those were the days!

The second time around, by god’s grace our operations had increased…and I didn’t  even get a single day off! My daughter was born on a Friday and I was back to my  laptop on Monday! That my mom was aghast is a different story! But when you are  passionate about something, and you have put in so much effort to make your endeavour reach a certain level, you do everything in your power to just want to make it grow …

I have made my work schedule to fit into my kids’ schedules. There are days when there are meetings or conferences, when my husband chips in. We try and work out our schedules such that atleast one parent is around, to manage the kids’, to do drop and pickup from tennis lessons, play-time etc.

We started as a work-from-home setup initially with a small team, opened office about 3 years ago and we are now a 20 woman strong organization operating from 5 locations. We are proud to be a woman organization with 70% being returning to career women.We began our journey as a recruitment service provider in September 2009 with an aim to provide best in class search solutions across levels and sectors for our clients. Over time, we have built a capability for headhunting and dedicated searches. We believe that we are helping people achieve their long term career goals rather than just getting a ‘job’. The thrill of our first closure is still fresh in our minds and every closure; be it a 5 L one or a 1 Cr one helps us grow.

In our endeavour to becoming a complete HR Solutions provider, we launched our Learning & Development vertical: Extra Mile and Infomatics: HR Advisory & Analytics.

Since our organization constitutes majority of returning to career women, we are passionate about encouraging women to get back. Also the fact that there have been increased demands from our clients to hire for gender diversity has made it possible for us to recently launch “Back To The Front”, which will facilitate second careers for women by guiding them to incorporate work back into their lives. The mantra definitively is ‘A happy mother raises a happy child. Invest in yourself, be happy within!’

I urge you to share your stories of achievement, your moments of truth, you tribulations of integrating work and personal life…so we all learn and grow together!

8 thoughts on “A Note From The Director

  1. There is a saying “if There is a will there is a way” ………… on this way we are with you, lets hold our hands together.

  2. Congrats ! love the women spirit to make things work!

  3. This is a great initiative & I am sure we will succeed in inspiring, learning, growing & reaching out to each other. All the best! God Bless 🙂

  4. Hi I met a very inspiring woman who started an NGO called Angel Xpress. I am amazed with her thought process and how she is trying to get companies and communities involved. Truly I found her to be an inspiration for women everywhere. She quit a high powered job in finance and a career and just decided to do something and that something is really something to behold ! Please do interview her – Her name is Anubha Sharma.

  5. Hi Anjali,
    Appreciate your passion and the work you do for women. I too share your passion for work and for assisting women though a don’t have a life partner to share the responsibilities of my 2 daughters. But I guess that’s my driving force.
    All the best.

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