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Be The Change You Want To See !

Womenspiring Diaries

I was reborn & that was the change.

GeethaMy Name is Geetha & currently I am Hata Yoga Teacher from Isha Hata School of Yoga.

I was never even close to this thought that I would be doing yoga someday. I knew I had to make it big in the corporate world and all the things in my life was so pleasantly placed to make this happen. I started working from 2002 in a popular Telecom Company as Call Centre Executive and in 11 years ended up heading Marketing for Enterprise Section.

Not Holding any degrees of Management , it did require lot of efforts and hard work . But of course I enjoyed every bit of it. My superiors & colleagues were supportive most of the time , there were office politics and highs and lows. But overall I was happy the way I was moving towards my aim .

I was poised at the right place to make that impactful move in the career and casually  had got hold of book “ Mystic Musings” . Though I would not consider myself as a book person . But this book somehow intrigued me about the person it was written about – “Sadhguru”

I chose to attend one of the programs and I thought how could breathing in a particular way change anything.But it did and the changes were noticeable by my friends and colleagues. I was all shining and bright, calm , happy and joyful irrespective of situations and life was going on well .

But then after one year it started …. My unrest … My unrest about seeing what I am doing … It was the same things just that the levels were changing.It seemed that if you have enough conviction any idea would sell …. In meetings and reviews. I was getting disillusioned how everyone used to only sell their performance and showcase opportunities …It was all about the convictions you had in your ideas and supported by success numbers..

Was this something I was going to do in my life and reach on the top.. After I reach there what next. There must be something more to life.I wanted to break the cycles.

There came my Guru who showed the path.. He is off  a different kind…not the ones to soothe you but the ones to give it you on your knuckles to make you realize what were you doing .Slowly I could see my tendencies breaking and me being re born again as a new individual, that was the time when cases of rape were happening across the country.

From childhood I used to get agitated every now and then when something used to go wrong and I wanted to be like Bhagat Singh one day wanting to change India. But to bring about change which is constant and impactful , we need to change human consciousness and make them realize how immense we are and yet how little we are compared to this universe. Therefore we need to tread this world with utmost care and love to everything around us along with our endeavor to achieve personal ambitions

And So Therefore Yoga!!! Why Yoga because it simply works and its woven in our culture in a way which does not dissociate yoga from simple ways of living.For example people talk about benefits of squatting …. The lifestyle in India is such that squatting was a part of our daily lifestyle. Even today if people in villages have nothing to do , they simply squat and have their cup of tea. This villager for sure has better weather predictions then your TV reports …..

When I was poised for the right opportunity in my career , I felt this was it … I had to take a chance and do what I really needed to do.Therefore I took a sabbatical & Volunteered for 2 years with Isha Foundation.

All my friends and colleagues were shocked but yet without their support this step would not have been possible for me.They still wait with a hope for me to join back work.But hey there is so much fulfillment in what I do …. To be able to be a medium to impart a powerful science on inner wellbeing where you could see actually individuals transforming … there is no better joy than this

LOGO wht bckgrndAnd so Yoga – Binge…. The team which we formed to take this powerful science across to corporates … because if we empower and have enough consciousness built in Corporate India…. It could transform the lives of many to not only take care of themselves but also people around

We started this year… the journey is long as people still see Yoga for people who want to go to the mountain or who want to cure themselves of disease..

Yoga has much more than that.. it has tools which can make your everyday life more blissful and joyful and successful. Also create the wave of transformation which Is much needed in the society…

As Sadhguru says

“Being a manager means that we are going to create whatever we see as the most beautiful thing to happen right now. Allowing situations to create you is not management at all. Creating the situations that you want is management.”


And yoga can definitely help one do that.








11 thoughts on “Womenspiring Diaries

  1. Great ! You are truly an inspiration Shilpa and I’m so proud to be your friend. Looking forward to tasting the goodies next time we meet.

    • Thank you so much Kasturi. It has been my privilege and good fortune to have come across wonderful friends like you, who I have taken inspiration from, to do the little I have done

  2. I read this quote today…and it goes to well with your story.

    What man actually needs is not a tensionless state but rather the striving and struggling for some goal worthy of him. What he needs is not the discharge of tension at any cost, but the call of a potential meaning waiting to be fulfilled by him.” – Viktor Frankl “Man’s Search for Meaning”, 1946

    • Wow, that really is a very inspirational quote, Lubhit! Thanks for sharing it. Really appreciate your leaving a comment

  3. Wonderful Shilpa. Great work. All the best for all your future endeavors.

  4. Great work Shilpa …. all the best 🙂

  5. Yoga is powerful… I have experienced the benefits of yoga and hope to practise it regularly… It’s great that you have found your calling and are living your dream… Good Luck with the venture! May you be successful… 🙂

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